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Musical Fidelity A300cr Power ampllifier

Feb 10, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repaired and upgarded including Power Supply 

It’s been some weeks since John performed the repair and upgrades to my Musical Fidelity A300cr Power Amplifier. Upgrading the power transformers has given the amplifier much more control and muscular grip over the music. One thing I noted in particular was the extra bass extension which is apparent. The sound stage has opened up and more expansive. John has certainly injected more life into this amplifier. On another note, the unit was returned in great condition – it is always a relief to know that one’s hi-fi is well looked after and in good hands while it is away from home. It goes without saying that I would happily use this service again.

Musical Fidelity A1008 Integrated amp and power supply

Feb 02, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Upgrade to amp and power supply. 

Hi John,
Just a few words to say many, many thanks for the upgrade work you completed on my amp, power supply & internal DAC.
In the world of HiFi and diminishing returns for large outlays of money you have just 'fast tracked' me to 'life in the big league' without the inherent cost. My system is now a true hi end performer, and all thanks to your advice and craftsmanship.
It's performance is captivating, always bringing a smile of dis-belief every time it's played. From the sheer size and scale of the soundstage to the transparency and delicacy it achieves with all genres of music - remarkable.
I've recently auditioned the inboard DAC against 2k+ players from very reputable stablemates only to find them being out performed by what I already have! You spend years seeking excellence and 'true HiFi' - I'm there now. Outstanding!
Again, my sincere thanks John for your quality work and valued advice.
Michael Ramshaw.


Jan 25, 2013 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: MF Tri Vista 300 Amp & A1008 CD 

A number of months have now passed since John repaired and upgraded my MF Tri Vista amp and A1008 CD. As far as the amp is concerned John returned it in showroom condition and as John advised performance improved and went on improving as time went by. It now drives and controls the speakers in an effortless manner and the clarity of bass and treble, particularly on good recordings, is remarkable. In short the treble harshness and poorly defined bass have been eliminated.

Being so impressed with the upgraded amp I decided to go ahead with the CD player. Like the amp it was returned looking brand new and goes on improving as the weeks go by. In short the sound stage is bigger i.e.wider and higher with individual instruments in their own space and again on better recordings its like having the artists in the room with you.

Thank you for the excellent service, and I would recommend anyone who is considering upgrading by investing in expensive new equipment to asses with John the potential that can be released from their existing set up before making the decision. Like me I am sure they will find your upgrades the most cost effective way forward.

The man with the Midas Touch

Dec 22, 2012 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Nu - Vista preamp 

Being undecided as to whether to purchase Audio Research Reference Pre and power or Devialet integrated, I decided to get in touch with John Sampson (JS Audio) whom I last spoke to in 1996 / 97 when he was the technical manager at Musical Fidelity and he reassured me in his friendly and confident manner to have my Nu-Vista preamp which is 15 years old to be serviced and upgraded before I spent several thousand pounds on the above amps. I have always prized my Nu-Vista preamp as being world class and still do, provided it\'s in the right system.

When my Nu-Vista preamp was returned back to me a week or two later I could not believe the transformation that had taken place within my Hi-Fi system. To my ears the sound quality, MUSICALITY, soundstage, transparency and presence had improved by 100 per cent. This guy John Sampson, in my opinion has the Midas touch, and besides he has saved me thousands of pounds in trying to acquire the sound and musicality which I have so much desired over the years. I have heard or possessed the Leaks, Ratfords, Krells, Audio Research, Levinsons, McIntosh, Linn, Naim etc over the years, but none of these match my Hi-Fi system after my Nu-Vista preamp upgrade. My son on hearing my system after the upgrade has made up his mind to upgrade his amps etc through John in the New Year. My son is also a Hi-Fi nut and possesses several Hi-Fi units, predominantly Musical Fidelity.

Thanks John for the wonderful transformation in listening to music and achieving musicality, even though over 16 years has passed when I last spoke to you and Indra at Musical Fidelity.

Dr Adrian Thomas


Dec 18, 2012 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: X-A1 & X-A50's 

Having had an X-A50 Bi Wired with a pair of X-A50’s for many years I had considered an upgrade. Spoke with John and liked his upgrade recommendations. Was a little nervous sending off my precious kit but within a few weeks it was returned.

If the increase in weight was a measure of quality I was not going to be disappointed.
From the off there was a distinct improvement in all round quality and as the weeks have gone by it has only got better. A fantastic upgrade and worth every penny.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 156 156 My 20 year old Elektra e100 was half dead with one channel completely gone and horrible static buildups and spiking threatening speaker safety, the amp was in desperate need of