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Musical Fidelity A1008 AmplifierI sent this one year-old unit to MF, which had developed a couple of faults just out of guarantee and they were unable to repair it and sent it back unsolved.Sent to John for repair and opted for the upgrade too. It wasn’t cheap, but then good workmanship never is. Was it good value? Yes, I reckon so. The amp, when returned and run in sounds more controlled in the bottom end and more detailed further up the range. What’s more, it works properly! Pity MF can’t appear to sort out their quality control these days.Julian Reeves

Musical fidelity A5 Amplifier Upgrade

When I first contacted John he advised that his philosophy was to concentrate on replacing only those items which have a direct improvement on the sound quality, based on many years experience working as Service Manager for Musical Fidelity. He quoted me 2 options: The first was to replace critical components rectifiers capacitors, op-amps, resistors The second was to replace the single (multiple secondary) transformer with twin transformers for the main power supply plus one transformer for the pre-amp stage. The following comments relate to the application of both options: The general presentation is much more airy, 3 dimensional and realistic in tone. There is greater separation (of channels and instruments) and hence clarity. The treble is now much sweeter and positively sparkles. The bass is much better controlled, more defined and appears effortless. Dynamics were good before but are now outstanding – xylophones leap out at you! piano and Guitar harmonics are now powerful and beautifully defined. Saving the best until last – the end result is much more musical. Well done John, the outcome surpassed my expectations and was money well spent. Those customers wishing to proceed with this upgrade should be aware that the amplifier will increase significantly in weight and will take at least 2 weeks burn-in to achieve optimum results. Dave House
Audiolab 8000AI cannot recommend John highly enough. He has repaired my Audiolab amp and a few otheritems for me. Friendly and reliable and with an amazing knowledge of all things hi-fi, John gives a level of customer service that is a rarity these days.Simon Nunn

Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 Headphone Amplifier

When this unit failed I trawled the internet looking for some one to fix it when a chance look at a un-related forum threw up John’s name. A little more detective work on the net and the same name kept coming up time and time again – all with glowing reviews. I called him dropped off the amp and picked it up. Fixed, better sounding and without any fuss AND at a very reasonable price. OhJ and cleaned and re-wrapped like it was new. It was a pleasure to unwrap it except for the fact that I then had to ask him what he used to clean them as I now had to clean all my other kit as it now made them look grubby by comparison. Highly recommended. Neal Townsend
Musical Fidelity KW500I’ve been a MF owner for over 25 years, and now John’s first US based customer. The UShas a few very talented modifiers (who I use and so familiar what they can do to improveequipment) and the common theme with the exceptional ones have is to start with a smooth,robust and quality power supply. When looking at modification options in the US and theUK, apart from John, all of the options focus on minor ‘tweaks’ that I’m sure have somevalue but don’t touch the power supply. This along with John being the most honest and trustworthy guy I’ve encountered in audio, left me with no hesitation to ship my amp to him for upgrade. Prior to this I had been very happy with my KW500 but, like most audiophiles, always wanted something better. I’ve waited just over 4 weeks to get used to the changes and allow for any ‘burn-in’ of components before posting my comments. Well John told me I would have faster, deeper and more controlled bass, stronger mid-range, smoother and more detailed high frequencies with a deeper and wider soundstage. Well John was spot-on with this, what he didn’t tell me was that all these improvements lead to a change in tonal balance of my KW500, for the positive – it’s simply an extremely musical amp that is fun and exciting to listen to. The pre-modification KW500 was an amplifier of seperate frequencies, my post-modification KW500 is a phenomenal amplifier of music.Vocals that might have been difficult to make out before the mod are very clear and some poorly recorded CD’s have become listenable. So yes, I’m very happy with my decision to have my amp upgrade by John. You guys based in the UK are very fortunate having this opportunity and my recommendation to anyone considering sending their MF gear to John is to do it asap! My KW500 has gone from being a great amp to an incredible amp. Philip Martin
KW500, DM25 DAC I first contacted John to repair a noise I had coming form the left-hand channel but after reading the testimonials on the site soon prompted for an upgrade of my amp and DAC. All repairs were carried out as part of the upgrade at no additional cost. The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish. John gives a lot of emphasis on customer service which makes for a very easy and painless transaction. In my case my amp and DAC were collect and returned to the door and I live more than 300 miles away. The amp / DAC that is returned to you will be in a totally different class to the equipment that was taken away. Make no mistake this is the by far the best upgrade you will ever make to your system. It is exceptional value for money; you could spend the same amount on a cable that would give a marginal improvement. As other testimonials here explain you will get dramatic improvements to all aspects of your music. I have had my hifi back for a week and it is still improving hour by hour but straight from the box it was easy to hear the change in quality. Once upgraded your system will become compelling and addictive. If you think your system is as good as it can get, believe me, it can get a whole lot better. T im Davies
Musical Fidelity A370 x 2 power AmpsI had 2 A370 power amps with one being a MKl and the other being a MK2. I wanted to usethem for bi-amping so I wanted them to be upgraded to an identical specification. Johnhas done this and now they are both running in a modified (updated) specification.Peering through the case gives me a glimpse of Johns attention to detail. The ampslook a lot better than when they came out of the factory (yes I took it apart once manyyears ago to have a look). You can see that everything is stamped with a made for Musical Fidelity allover them and everything looks to be extremely well mounted. When I connected the amps up and started to listen to some music (Meridian 500 / Meridian S6S source) I was awestruck. It has been a while since I heard my amps running~ but I dona€~ remember them ever being like they are now. These are the cleanest tightest sounding amps I have heard in a very long time. They are absolutely clinical without losing their sweetness. The BASS attack is instantaneous and then even more impressively stops immediately while at the same time you have the sweetest voices overlaid without a hint of muddling anywhere. Yes they take a good day to warm up fully and they do use a lot of electricity but who cares when they are this good. If there was a down side anywhere then it would have to be that they deserve better speakers (currently used with Monitor Audio GS speakers) as the amps are almost crying out for something that they can really be let lose on. I think John is quite proud of his achievements on these amps and he should be. Aaron Leamington

Musical Fidelity A3Cr Power Amp

I first contacted John about a possible fault with my Power amp. He advised that it could possibly be calibration. I decided to have the amp upgraded whilst it was being repaired. Within only a week I had my amp back repaired and upgraded – First Class Service!! I have had my Amp back now for a few weeks and I’m completely blown away with the difference in sound quality. I thought any improvement would be subtle but I was mistaken – it’s like having a completely new system!

I’ve never heard my ATe’s sounding so good!!

Everything has improved – clarity, depth, detail has been elevated to unbelievable levels. I will be contacting John in the very near future to have my Pre-amp upgraded. Anybody who owns a piece of musical Fidelity equipment should definatley give John a call - he’s nothing short of a genius when it comes to upgrading/repairing!! I wish John all the very best for the future and know his success will be very longlived!! I can’t thank him enough and will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone!! Adam McCue
Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300I first spoke to John to get his advice on the benefits of a upgrading am my Tri-Vista300 for a KW 550. I explained my reasons as:- I was running MG3.6R panels and had to drivethem fairly hard to get the detail they were capable of and at those levels they tended tosound harsh and glassy.John explained that if I were to change to a KW 550 I was likely to get more of the sameand if I was basically happy with the sound of the Iri -Vista, to stick with it and consider upgrading it. One of the major shortcomings with MF equipment (as I now understand it) is the quality and size of the power supply transformers. They are unable to supply enough current to satisfy at-power hungry and inefficient speakers so that they can and, display detail at low listening levels and at higher levels they sound harsh. One of Johns upgrades is to change both of the power amp coils for higher capacity, audio quality. He leaves the smaller coil in place to feed ancillaries {and ads a fourth hi grade coil dedicated to the pre amp. This more than doubles the weight of the power supply! Apart from checking out the main amp chassis and replacing or repairing any faulty components, and a few other tweaks, John replaces all of the output transistors for higher grade matched components. My particular amp had all the RCA connectors replaced and a fault on the pre amp rectified at no extra cost to the full upgrade. All the work was carried out in about a week and John was always contact able and ready to chat. After about a week of at-burn ina TM, the transformation in Vista was awesome! No longer struggling to drive the a€-Maggiesa€m they now display there full, sweet, musical potential at all listening levels. Bass is controlled and deep, midrange is focussed and airy, highs are sweet and detailed. The soundstage is beyond the extremities of the speakers and three dimensional. Timing is improved and the whole effect is more musical. I have never spent this amount of money for an upgrade without hearing the end result so you can imagine how concerned I was at parting with my at-hard earned, on a recommendation from John. I can only say to you, in the realms of diminishing returns that we at-high enders and, expect, you could spend five figures on equipment that wouldn’t, get you the same result. Tony DeVoil
MF kW250s Like many others posting here, I stumbled across JS Audio partially by chance. I needed to get my unit looked over, so I decided to go for an upgrade while I was at it. The upgrade consisted of an up-rated power supply and up-rated components in the output stage – I’m sure John can fill you in on the rest of the details. As a relatively seasoned “upgrader”, I was expecting subtle improvements – how wrong I was. The performance of the kW250s has been propelled onto another level in all of the usual technical “HiFi” areas (detail, timing, separation, soundstage stability etc.), in addition, subjectively, the upgrade has addressed the Achilles’ heel of MF gearmusicality! I find MF gear can seem to sap some “energy” from rock music, this is no longer the case with my upgraded kW250s – I’m very happy with the result. The other noticeable effect of the upgrade was that it made my mains conditioner redundant – it was no longer has a positive effect on my system, I put this down to the quality of the power supply that John uses. I was able to move the mains conditioner on which covered the cost of the upgrade – result! In summary, I can wholeheartedly recommend John’s services and upgrades on MF gear – it has been some of the best £££ I have ever spent on HiFi. David
Musical Fidelity P150 Power Amps (Pair)John is nothing short of a genius when it comes to Hi-Fi. After his servicing, my P150s arecompletely different beasts, and I mean BEASTS! John also advised me on making new power supplies which have taken the servicing to anotherlevel. I am now the proud owner of two power Amps which would have cost me thousands of poundsnew yet only cost a few hundred pounds to upgrade.The bottom line is – don’t throw out your old Hi Fi equipment, talk to John first: he will give you abrutally honest opinion whether it is worth servicing or not, and his word is gospel. Jamie Armstrong
Musical Fidelity KW550 Integrated Amp I had my KW550 upgraded and repaired by John earlier this week, and by fitting the bigger transformers in the PSU along with the other tweaks he specialises in, the amplifier has never sounded better. When you reach this level of hiti you don’t think dramatic changes are possible, not without spending huge amounts more money, however the sound you hear after the upgrade is significantly improved. As others have stated here, it is true that there is much more deep bass and the higher frequencies project out with more realism. The overall sound is of a higher quality that you can easily hear. Briefly, the process for me went like this, phoned John on Monday, dropped it off Tuesday, picked it up Wednesday …. easy! Great to deal with, and of equal importance, high quality workmanship. Thanks for your help, and good luck for the future. R Fleming
Musical Fidelity Kwp pre-ampI cannot commend John Sampson too much. He is thoroughly honest and a first-rate high fidelityexpert. He can carry out upgrades to Musical Fidelity, where he was formerly a senior member ofstaff and any other manufacture equipment, and he should be the first port of call for anyoneseeking to improve the quality and sound of their equipment. John is absolutely first-class.CJ. Glos. area

Musical Fidelity KW 500

Like others here I stumbled across this web site by accident. After speaking to John I was reassured and persuaded by his hifi knowledge to ship my KW 500 to the UK for upgrading. I’ve had it back a few days now and the only words I would add to the other accurate descriptions of how good of an upgrade this is would be “effortless and addictive”. I’ve never heard my 802d’s sound so good …. stunning! As importantly, John’s service is first rate and I would have no hesitation in recommending his excellent services. Steve Garavan
Musical Fidelity KW500, KW25 DACMy Amp & DAC were upgraded together & the upgrades take good sound onto another level.Everything is improved – c1aritY,imaging,tone & pitch definition-the whole audiophile lot.The remarkable bass improvements are noticeable even with my small stand mounters & bring agreat sense of scale to the sound.The volume can now be increased without the sound hardening nearly as much as before.Goodness knows where you’d have to start looking or how much you’d have to spend on alternative equipment to equal this sound quality. I’ve made many upgrades over the years to main components, cables, mains conditioners, supports etc. but this is one of the best & certainly the best value. Highly recommended. Richard Wood

Musical fidelity Kw500 & KwDM25DAC

The first job John did for me was to upgrade my A370mk2 about 5 years back, which made such a fantastic improvement that I was sure I wouldnt be upgrading again. However the Kw500 came along and it was a massive step up from a design and performance point of view. Having read others comments here, I am seeing several common themes with which I totally agree:- 1. that you only come across John by chance, but when you do its a long relationship as he’s so good. 2. it takes courage to take the plunge on upgrading what should already be at its best hi-fi. However this is not the case and the only way to pursue your quest for perfection is to mod what is already very good indeed. 3. John’s analysis of what are the achilles heels of MF kit are quite remarkable, enabling massive improvements in all departments. 4. the value for money aspect is also very important as hi-fi is a diminshing returns exercise anyway. Being a small operation you get a huge result for relatively small outlay. Whether its for repairs or upgrades John is the man to go with, especially with MF kit. His advice has been welcome and spot on. My latest upgrade was the DM25DAC which Made another quantum leap improvement to making my system truely complete. We salute you, and wish you all the best in the often crazy world of hi-fi. Hylton Moore
Musical Fidelity Tri-vista DAC21I first contacted John because I thought the valves were going in my DAC. He explained to meabout the upgrade and sent me a list of the parts he replaces. I decided to go ahead with the workand I’ve never been happier with my hifi! The sound staging and 3-D imaging I now have is justamazing, not to mention the tighter and extended bass …. .it’s just amazing. I would highlyrecommend John to anyone and won’t hesitate calling him for all my upgrade/maintanance work! Heis a true gentleman …. Julie Naughton
Musical Fidelity Tri-vista 21 DAC I am running this dac from a Teac 25x, used in transport mode. the sound before his mod was slightly dull and rolled of treble, which meant I had less excitement and grin factor from the music, which is the whole point. After an initial mod, there ws little change, so he took it back to the bench and made further changes. Now it is exactly how I had hoped it would be, spot on with everything, more sparkle, greater top end bite, no soft, rolled off treble here!!! Really great effort, which underlines Johns commitment to doing a great job and is the reason why I will keep using him and recommending his service to others! Well done John! Christoph
MF Nu-Vista M3 Integrated Amp John serviced the amp, replaced the valves and effected his stage 1 upgrade. It sounded great before but was starting to sometimes distort on one channel. It sounds even better now: perhaps very slightly brighter, more solidity to images, improved dynamics and detail. John is also a very nice guy to deal with. When I can afford it I may well consider taking the amp back for the Stage 2 upgrades. Robin
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD Player My first contact with John was to ask his oppinion on buying a new cd player to replace my already upgraded Marantz cd63 ki. I had a MF nu-vista on my short list of players, including Theta, Shandling etc. his advise was well worth the call and within a few weeks had found one on Ebay. After another call it was obvious that to get the most out of the player it was going to get the full up grade, lE power supply changed and a few other neat tricks, Hey, if you want to know the shortcommings of a product, whom better to ask than someone who used to work for the company itself! I’m still just getting to grips with the new sound of the player, needless to say the sound stage, detail and overall musicality has increased dramatically, and still getting better with each cd played, thanks John, if I ever get myself a matching m3 amp … I’ll be knocking at your door. Bernie Shaw
Musical Fidelity KW550 + KW DM 25 DACHaving just bought a Musical Fidelity KW550 + KW DM 25 DAC I found out about John on theinternet and decided to get him to upgrade both the amplifier and the DAC. I was happy with thesound of both before, but boy did the upgrades make a difference!The amp has a much tighter, punchier bass, greater subtley and finesse and really brings themusicality of anything you throw at it to the fore. You really hear the attack and attitude of themusicians far more clearly. Similarly the DAC has greater clarity and provides more focussed. sharper sound. John has been a pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Beach Mercer

Musical Fidelity P150 Power Amplifiers (Pair)

When one of my P150s stopped working I was tempted to throw it out and make do with the one I had left until it too needed replacing. Musical Fidelity put me onto to John who convinced me it was worth repairing. I must say that I was sceptical about John’s promise that this was going to be money well spent and the serviced amplifiers would perform much better. I was persuaded by the fact that John had so much experience with Musical Fedility, their great designs and their penny pinching short-earnings. Well, after I got the amps back I was blown away. Previously I really wasn’t that impressed by the P150s but now – that Bass! Tight, powerfull, controlled, musical, awesome, and more subtly, the overall clarity has been much improved.

John had discoverd that the two amps were quite different inside. The service included replacing

many of the components, upgrading the power supply capacitors and, even, replacing one of the transformers to make a mirrored pair. John also makes the amps far more reliable be re-wiring components which get hot, so eliminating the possibility of getting dry joints.

I’m so impressed with John’s work that I’m on the look-out for an MF X-Pre amp to give him to

work his magic on. Jamie Arrnstrong
Musical Fidelity KW550 Amp KW DM-25 CDI learnt about John while idly browsing a hifi forum discussing the KW550 on the internet. I’dactually only just bought my KW550 (although I’d had the cd player for a couple of years), and Icertainly wasn’t looking to replace it, being, in fact, very happy with the sound.I therefore contacted John more out of interest than anything else, however his clear explanation ofthe capabilities of the amp with an improved power supply, and the cd player with a myriad ofalterations, convinced me it was worth going for. The actual process of dropping off and collecting was very painless, and high credit to John for delivering both components back very promptly, despite there being a number of complications with pre-existing issues that he identified (and resolved) in my DAC. In terms of the sound quality post modification, I’m actually struggling to believe how much difference the changes have actually made. I’m pretty confident that the sound prior to the alterations was extremely good, it’s just that the changes John has made have taken everything to an entirely new level. The bass is deeper, tighter, faster and more rhythmic, with more texture than I’ve ever heard before. The midrange is hugely improved, with more grip, tension and excitement and the treble is sweeter and has lost a previous tendency to sound strained and a bit harsh at higher volumes. The whole sound is significantly more dynamic and just more enjoyable to listen to (and don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my system previously). There’s no sense of strain no matter how loud you listen. At the moment, I’m constantly just listening to cds shaking my head, not just to the music, but through amazement at the amount I’m hearing from very familiar cds that I’d never heard before. When I think that the price of the upgrade was less than I’ve paid for an interconnect cable to gain what are in reality marginal improvements, it puts it into perspective what a fantastic value for money proposition this upgrade is. I have no hesitation in saying that it is without doubt the best upgrade I’ve ever made (and I’ve made plenty). A word on John’s service. Throughout the very efficient process, John was a pleasure to deal with; easy to get hold of, helpful and concise. The end results described above are the only testament I really need to pay to the quality of his product, however John also identified and sorted out a number of problems with my DAC that v/ere unrelated to the upgrade. His pride in his work and his commitment to delivering a ‘perfect’ product are very evident. I would recommend the upgrade product John offers without hesitation. The improvement to the KW550 by the upgrade was as significant as the change experienced when I swapped my previous amps (MF X-P200s) with the 550 (and for a lot less money). I would similarly recommend John’s exemplary service. David Adams
Musical fidelity Nuvista M3 Had the amp repaired (a intermittent crackle on the left channeQand while it was away I decided to get the full upgrade done. The service was first class and John even phoned me from the Dominican republic to apologise for a slight delay in sending it back. Next time John cancel your holiday 101. Anyway the crackle has gone and the difference since the upgrade is very noticable. The amp sounds better across the whole frequency range. Was it worth the money paid? .. Absolutely.I was going to upgrade the amp before I found out about the upgrade option but I will now never sell it. Knowing that I have one of the finest sounding amplifiers in the world is very very satisfying. I am now thinking of getting the upgrade on the MF 3DCD player now but I just cannot imagine how it can sound any better than it does already. Thanks John Darren Young
Sony JJ-700 Music SystemMy 25 year old Sony music system developed a loud grating sound when playing records which Ithought would be unrepairable. How wrong I was. John with his extensive knowledge andexperience was able to diagnose and repair the complicated fault in an extremely professional way.He also carried out a full maintenance service (1st in 25 years) on the system returning it in anabsolutely first class condition. It now plays better than ever.I would without doubt recommend John’s commitment to work and customer service as the highest quality. My grateful thanks John. Peter Riches
Teac VRDS7 Thanks John, a few others in the service industry could learn a thing or two form the way you run your business. First class! Steve Campbell
Nu Vista 300 UpgradeThe improvement after the upgrade was unbelievable!especially after a few weeks run in. At thetime, i also owned a pair of mcintosh me 501 monoblocks which have outstanding bass resolution.Well after john went to work on the nuvista 300, it just blew the big macs away! the nu vista hadimproved midrange transparency, depth, width and the low end was most notable. With greaterresolution, more extended and a lot tighter. Every time i listen it just blows me away, I have listenedand owned some very expensive amps in my system. But this one is for keeps! Richard Wu
Tri-Vista 21 DAC, Meridian 200 CD transport, RSA XP-7 head phone amp John has repaired a diverse range of hi-fi gear for me over the past 12 months, including an aged but lovely sounding Meridian CD transport from 1991. Everything that I have sent him has been dealt with promptly with no fuss. John is also an absolute gent to deal with and will happily discuss prospective repairs on the phone. Such professionalism is a rare and wonderful thing in the UK today …Top marks John! James Cartwright
Meridian ZPA Power AmplifierI contacted John when the manufacturer of my amplifier advised me that the transistors in thepower supply had failed, that the spare parts were no longer available and the unit was irreparable.I emailed John to ask his opinion. He informed me that he could obtain replacement parts and afteran inspection he confirmed that he could repair my amplifier.John’s knowledge and skill has returned my amplifier to its very best.His growing reputation for customer care and satisfaction is richly deserved. Tony Jolly
Musical Fidelity KW500 Now its throughly run-in f felt totally compelled to post another few comments, as the improvement is just so dramatic. If you already own a KW500 you are welcome to call me (through John) and I can just say do it, have it done, you woon’t have any regrets and will wonder if the res a new amp in there somewhere! It has just sunk in just how good an improvement this really is. Thank you John. James Hall
Musical Fidelity KW500I have owned my KW 500 for nearll three years and whilst enjoying it, I’ve always felt the urge tolisten to other products. Somethi~ was always missing. I thought about selling it for sure. I thenstumbled across John’s website and decided to give it a last shot before giving up completely.John’s confidence in the upgrades inspired me to go ahead. I’ve now had it back nearly a week,and the results are very good indeed. There is much more of everything, more bass, more clarity,more air between the musicians and the timing has dramatically improved. I’m still keen to hear other products, but ow j’d be genuinely surprised if I can find anything at near the price that can surpass what my ‘new’ KW 500 has become. In fact it’s now so good, I think it may have just highlighted some shortcomings with the Source that I currently use! I would wholeheartedly recommend that any KW user have this done immediately and then re-discover your entire music collection. James Hall
Musical Fidelity KW 500 I’ve met John many times at the Heathrow exhibition and spoken to him many times on the ‘phone. When he left Musical Fidelity I thought ‘there goes my service engineer’ as he had repaired or modified other Musical Fidelity gear for me though the company, (my hi-fi is Musical Fidelity throughout). When a fault appeared in my set-up I contacted Musical Fidelity who though that a valve wasn’t operating correctly and gave me a verbal quote for valve replacement. I then contacted John who offered to change the valves. He also told me that my system had no bass!!! I couldn’t believe it as he described his power supply modification, which I decided to go for after consultation with my wife.John collected my amp at Portsmouth, did the mod and delivered it to my home on the Isle of Wight! After helping me to connect everything up we switched on to hear some music. Right from the start the difference was very good and I left the system on for a fortnight on John’s advice, to burn it in. The difference can only be described as ‘PHENOMENAL’.The whole system sounds completely different, much better bass. much more detail and noticebly more dynamic sound. I can’t recommend the upgrade highly enough. The beauty of this is that I am now discovering my record collection all over again. If you decide to have John’s upgrade you will also be dealing with one of the nicest people in hi-fi. Ambrose Crowley
Nu Vista 300 Power Amplifier & Pre-ampSpoke to John by accident when ringing through to musical fidelity about a repair. I spoke to him atlength and then discuss about my hifi system (Nu-vista pre & power) I explain I had some workdone to them to improve their sound. He warned me I would not get a good return for the money Ispent and the biggest improvement would be to replace the transformers. I got the power ampsdone first. first thing I notice was the dynamics coming through the Tannoy TD10 , excited by theimprovements the preamps was later done, that’s when everything just click into place, rhythm, timing more detail across the frequency. Throughout my time I have upgraded my hifi many times with more expensive equipment, but with doubt this is the best upgrade I have done and considering what it cost me it is an absolute bargain. It’s a MUST for anyone who has a nu vista pre, power amps. Mark Colemon
Musical Fidelity X-Cans and X-PSU John did more than merely repair the X-Cans; he vitalised them. He did not revitalise them; he gave them an uprated power supply and several replacement components. The end result was a significantly more full-bodied and dynamic sound than the X-Cans had ever had. He is a true professional. Oliver Hyams
MF M250 AMPThanks John for bringing back to life my Musical Fidelity M250 ampftfier that had ground to a halt!Amplifier now works perfectly, Great knowledge and you took the time to explain everythingthoroughly.See you soon for KW550 upgrade.Mark Chilvers
MF P270-11Amplifier & Marantz CD Player Quick and friendly service, first class job done. John even borrowed me his own CD player while he repaired mine, what more could you ask for as a customer! I shall be back in the future whenever I need future repairs, or upgrades. Mark Taylor
Arcam alpha 8 integrated ampQuite outstanding service. Blew the amp one day, John picked it up from my home and returned itwrapped, cleaned and looking like new the next day.John is definitely added to my exceedingly short list of skilled and trusted engineers &workmen …this makes 2 now.Chris Broadbent
KW500, Tri-Vista DAC 21, Goldring GX200 Ear Buds, Speaker Cable Termination. John has Looked after my HiFi repair needs for some time now and has always given me an excellent customer focused service. More recently he has up graded the power supply in my kw500 amplifier and Trivista dac 21. If you are lucky enough to own any of this already very good equipment, you may be shocked at the improvment his upgrade brings to the sonic palette. In my experience the amp upgrade improves the amps timing/rythmic abilities and the dac upgrade extends the bass response and removes a fine veiling haze from the overall musical presentation that may not be notice so much untill it is absent. I am really enjoying listening to my music collection. I’m very pleased with the end result and would confidently recommend Johns work and customer support. Jerry Gosnell
MF KW 500 Int AmpHaving had the kw 500 for 12 months as good as it is i felt there was something missing,vast powerand dynamics yes, but nobass.i got in touch with john (js audio repairs) who i’d spoken to before while he was service engineer atmusical fidelity.we discussed the issue and johnrecomended a power supply upgrade. i was a bit sceptical to how this would improve things but as he explained more it seemed to make sense. i arranged to meet john ,told me it would take a weel< for him to do the mod had to order parts etc. picked the amp a week later, the difference was immence not the sound the weight of the power supply this must explain the better quality transformers that had been fitted. as a result of this the amp (after a good burn-in about 4 days) has fantastic bass,more ambeance, sweeter top end without loosing any detail, sound stage reaches right into the room with better front to back presentation,just so much more musical. so if like me you expected more from the kw 500 (for the price of a decent interconnect) you wont be dissapoited with power supply mod .. johns vast MF experience shines very pleased! John Caulton
KEF 100 Kit Thanks for your time and effort to put things right. I will certainly call on you again, should the need arise. L Frumkin
TEAC VRDS 7 CDTrying to find a good hifi engineer is like the proverbial needle and haystack. Then I found JohnSampson of JS Audio Repairs, throughout my dealings with John he proved to be a top drawengineer, a really nice man and he does what he says he’ll do, the rates are more thanreasonable, provides a prompt service and I cant recommend him and his company highly enough.If you are looking for a first rate audio engineer to care for your beloved hifi,then make J S AudioRepairs your FIRST port of call! will only use them in the future.(come to think of it I am)! Paul Tica  
Musical Fidelity KW500 AMP,MF Tri-Vista 21 Upgraded to my Trivisa DAC and KW550 amp. Thanks John. Massive improvement all round to the sound. Much more dynamic sound and vastly improved imaging. More detailed the detail and separation of instruments. Even the wife noticed the difference and stopped complaining !!! Has moved the system to a different place. Excellent hassle free service. Worth every penny. Has put excitement and magic into what was already a good sound. Moved the system to a new level. Kevin Burdett
MF KW 500 Johns work on my unit required upgrading the power supply from the stock unit. The change is phenominal literally the best upgrade you can do, without question, I highly recommend Johns service on every level, feel free to get in touch for further information. Christoph Van Kretschmer
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