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Musical Fidelity KW500

Oct 20, 2016 by Chris Rowsell
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repair & upgrade 

I had a fault on my amplifier, it had a crackle in one channel and I had heard that JS audio was the place to get repaired. I rang John and explained the fault and he was able to diagnose the problem over the phone and gave me a price for the repair immediately.
The amplifier was sent to John to do the repair and while he had the amplifier apart, he contacted me to see if I wanted to do a upgrade at the same time. I was given a choice of upgrades and agreed to upgrade my amplifier. I got the amplifier back and let the amplifier run in for a few hours before I put some music on. Wow the crackle was gone and the music sounded so much more alive with the bass so tight and punchy, what a difference. I've been listening to my amplifier for a couple of weeks and I will be sending my amplifier back for the full monty upgrade which John assures me I will still have a further surprise after the next upgrade. I can't wait to get it done, I have met John in person and he is a genuine person, I don't think I would let anyone else touch my equipment. I fully recommend John and I'm happy to be contacted if you want a reference to his work.

Upgrade to NuVistya3D & kW550

Oct 19, 2016 by Andy Trimble
Item Repaired/upgraded: Nuvista 3D & kW550 

I now know what those guys were going on about in HiFi+ so many years ago.

Following a bit of to and fro I installed the upgraded kit and was reasonably impressed. But it didn't blow me away. However, some months later now that it seems run in, yes I'm blown away.

I could go on about the stereo image, the tuneful bass the intelligibility but all that fades into insignificance when the music communicates with you. And this does. It's almost a religious experience. What more can I say. Simply go for it.

In fact, I was so impressed I have asked John to upgrade my son's Arcam Alpha 8, MVT and P170. The upgrades cost more than the kit is worth but if it comes anywhere near what he did to my 3D and kW550, it will be money well spent.

Recommended wholeheartedly.

What a surprise

Aug 30, 2016 by Jonathan West
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical fidelity A308 cd player 

I am very impressed! After a repair and service my cd player sounds fantastic. Horribly compressed cd's which are unlistenable on my temporary player are clear, full and rich on the musical fidelity. The depth of sound, seperation and clarity are all amazing. I never bother with reviews normally. I am now very tempted to go for the full upgrade. Watch this space!

Simply The Best

Aug 16, 2016 by Emma Duff
Item Repaired/upgraded: A3 Integrated Amplifier 

I received an upgrade and repair to my Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated Amplifier in November 2014. As my husband accidentally broke the speaker terminal, I searched online for a repair specialist, and that's when I came across this site. When reading the testimonials I decided that an upgrade would also be the way to go. Since buying the A3 Integrated Amp & A3 CD player with Monitor Audio G20 Speakers I felt the sound just wasn't as good as I had expected. I contacted John who advised on the cost of repairs and an upgrade. When I received it back I couldn't wait to listen to it and boy was I impressed. I noticed a difference straight away which was a pleasant surprise. The sound was much richer and deeper and with a very punchy base and it has improved greatly since then. I'm a very happy lady and revel in the delight of listening to my cd collection each and every time I play it. My husband is so jealous that he is going to get his hi fi upgraded also. Thank you John for your expertise and for enhancing my music life.


Jul 28, 2016 by Alexander Jansen
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical fidelity nu-vista M3 

About 1.5 year ago I had my MF NuVista M3 amp repaired for the 'source selector issue' by a well known audio repair shop in the Netherlands. After 6 months the problem had returned. John told me he would be able to solve the issue and I decided to go for it and also upgrade to stage 2. When I turned the M3 on, I immediately heard that the sound had changed (even my wife noticed). I was a bit worried at first because the mid and especially the high tones seemed a bit to the background. I tried a couple of songs to try to find out what was going on, but after these few songs the ‘problem’ was gone. The change in sound (burn in period) continued for at least 80 hours. The sound really is different from the unmodified M3, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m listening through Dynaudio C2 sig’s and the unmodified M3 was able to produce a pretty good bass with them already. After the stage 2 upgrade the bass is incredible full / tight, even at low volumes! Besides the bass there are lots of other differences. The sound is more balanced, the placement of the instruments has improved, and high vocals are really impressive (great clarity). The improvement in placement shocked me during Roger Waters Amused to Death but also on albums like Dire Straits Brothers in Arms there is such a good separation between the instruments! For testing the low frequencies I use the Dark Knight soundtrack (HQ), it makes my windows and doors shake on the medium volumes, incredible. I listen to a broad range of different music and still busy rediscovering the whole collection. Oh, and changing the source selector really feels different than after the first repair, I guess this is what it felt like when new. I’m fully confident that it will be good for many years. John really did a fantastic job and I strongly recommend him for repairs and upgrades! Currently saving to ship my Nu-Vista 3D CD-P for stage 2 upgrades...

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 95 95 I have intentionally left leaving a review for a number of months so that I can give an 'as is/accurate' type of review; I should add because of my scenario (SCI) that I listen to