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KW500 transformed

Jun 29, 2017 by Patrick Bower
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repaired and upgraded 

I was hearing eggs frying on one channel of my KW500, so it needed fixing. With so many positive reviews, I opted to go for the full Monty upgrade. That was one year ago, and it just seems to go on getting better and better. I mainly listen to classical music, and my Hi-Fi holy grail has been to close my eyes, and imagine that I am in the concert hall, or opera house, listening to a live performance. Before the upgrade, I had the sense of a performance in front of me, but not actually being there. Since the upgrade, I have got inside the venue, and the performance itself has been transformed. The sound stage is huge, with width and depth. Less than stellar recordings have come to life, and the best recordings are overwhelmingly. It’s so like going to a live concert, that I want to applaud at the end!

Nu Vista Nirvanna

Jun 21, 2017 by Adam
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repair & Upgrade 

Nu Vista M3 Intergrated WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I paid MF for an upgrade over 10 years ago; I'm sure I didn't get my own amp back, and the amp I got back didn't sound any different. The amp recently had a fault dropping the right channel intermittently. I called John who immediately stated the selector switch was the culprit which gave me confidence, so I went for repair and upgrade. Bloody hells bells; after a few days burn in I still have the MF NU VISTA sound, but with more clarity; and where did that extra bass come from? As John said when I collected "it's all the amp You'll ever need". Must get the Nu Vista CD done next. Thanks John I'm very impressed.

Simply in one word - 'superlative'...

May 20, 2017 by Simon Reynolds
Item Repaired/upgraded: MF NU Vista 800 

I have intentionally left leaving a review for a number of months so that I can give an 'as is/accurate' type of review; I should add because of my scenario (SCI) that I listen to my music way more than the average listener (sometimes up to 8 hours a day).
As the review title says, if I had to use one word it would be 'superlative'.
I will say what was (overall) already a very capable amplifier, is now absolutely superb in 'all' area's - if I had to choose just one, it would be clarity/resolution.
Over the years I have had demo's of numerous, mostly higher end Hi-Fi and without any doubt can say this is now truly the best I have heard to date.
Obviously Hi-Fi is a very personal/subjective thing, but to my ears this now runs circles round the usual contenders/suspects in this context.
John was extremely helpful from beginning to end and I cannot recommend his help, service and advice enough; like the majority of us here, John has an obvious passion for music/getting the absolute best out of equipment and even if you are understandably hesitant (as was I), do not be! - once you have your equipment back, run it in 'well', I will be truly amazed if you are not as happy as I am with the results!
Thank you once again John for your knowledge, workmanship and ultimately... results!

Upgrades galore!

May 06, 2017 by Peter Wilkinson
Item Repaired/upgraded: Peter 

I have been intending to do a review for ages; so apologies to John for the lateness!
Over the last few years he has repaired & or upgraded all my Musical Fidelity kit (F15 amp, M6 Pre amp, M250 mono amp, 550K superchargers)
to the point where every listening session or film viewing is transformed into an event (dare I say getting a "fix")!
As others have said the results speak for themselves and I can only recommend his services as second to none, including technical advice over the telephone. A gentleman in every sense of the word.

NuVista 3D & kW550 revisted

Apr 29, 2017 by Andy Trimble
Item Repaired/upgraded: NuVista 3D & kW550 

I've had these upgraded for quite a time now and what has become more and more apparent is that the hardware responds transparently to any changes you make. I've upgraded my speaker cable and interconnects (several interconnects) and the changes are as clear as day. This allows me to fine tune my system to suit my taste. Brilliant!

I couldn't have asked for more and John has been more than helpful on the odd occasion I've had a question.

Expensive - yes, but excellent value for money. Buy with confidence.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 107 107 In July 2017 my pre amp had failed after many years of faithful service. Only problem it is in Barbados. Anyway I travelled and brought it with me. I met with JS and agreed have to