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Musical Fidelity Fully Balanced Pre

Apr 01, 2022 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: A1 FB Pre 

You switch on the amp you've cherished for 11 years and after a moment it turns off and you have that sinking feeling. You take it to the local highly respected repairers and you are told that the main transformer has failed and they cannot get a replacement.
You then dredge from the back of your mind JS Audio and give John a call and with a reassurance born of experience John tells you he can fix and it can be upgraded as well.
So I've delayed writing this review for a month or so to let it settle in now that my Musical Fidelity A1 FB Pre is repaired and upgraded. All I can say is wow....
An example of the improvement is one particular piece where the singer is singing about a gypsy market previously I could hear there was the sounds of a market hiding in the mix, but now if I focus on the market I can hear what they are selling the clarity is so clear no mush. Doesn't stop there though
Bass more tuneful more texture more bounce.
Treble is sweeter
It's like every part of my system has been upgraded
so a big thank you to John, he is a magician.

Repair and Upgrades

Mar 29, 2022 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity A3CD, Quad 34, Quad 405-2 

If like me you are wanting the right person to repair your HiFi separates you have come to the right place, John is excellent. My Quad 405-2 amp went bang so I looked at Quad service reviews, they were a bit hit and miss. My Musical fidelity A3CD player was skipping so I searched for Musical Fidelity repair and found John with 100% 5 star reviews. I phoned John up and just talked about my requirements, there was no hard sell or pressure at all. I then decided to get John to fix the amp and CD player but also to do a stage 1 upgrade on my A3CD, Quad 34 control unit and Quad 405-2 amp. The amp had blown one of the mid/bass drive unit voice coils on my Spendor SP1 speakers and John recommended Wilmslow Audio who replaced the voice coils on both mid/bass units, recapped the crossovers and rewired the speakers with new binding posts. So, how does the system sound? In a word, unbelievable. Everything is richer, deeper and more detailed, it really is like having a brand new CD collection. On great recordings I feel like I'm in the room with the musicians, the sound is so life like. Thank you John for doing a brilliant job on my separates, the sound is high end, just as you said it would be!

Stage 3 - Is there no limit?

Mar 16, 2022 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: KW500 

So had to take my kW500 for a check as I had clumsily shorted an input terminal (with the volume still up!) Asked John if he could do the stage three upgrade which includes a new Alps pot and upgraded capacitors, well it just gets better and better!! The sound stage is even more defined, the separation is phenomenal. If you've got a kW500 then let John at it and be prepared for a very pleasing outcome! As ever Genius!!

Spectacular Delivered

Mar 14, 2022 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity A3cr Dual mono power amp 

Having had my MF A3,2cr Dual Mono Pre amplifier upgraded in 2019 by John the difference in sound quality was immediately noticeable and improved even more over time. In the search of sound perfection John had also suggested at the time of upgrading my MF A3cr power amp to increase the quality even more. The word "spectacular" was sown and stuck with me... move on and 2 years later... I bit the bullet and went for the stage 2 upgrade. Coupled with Monitor Audio Gold reference speakers I just cannot believe the depth of sound, the bass and tone across all the ranges is incredible, I have purposely waited three months before writing and again over time the sound just continues to improve, and is way beyond my expectations. .JS Audio truly have delivered "Spectacular" in every way. Thank you so much.

XA -200R repair & upgrade

Feb 20, 2022 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: XA-200R upgrade 

Musical Fidelity XA-200R upgrade

It’s been roughly 3 weeks since I delivered by beloved but aged XA-200R down to JS Audio. I traveled back down to collect my amplifier, on the day after the very strong winds, that caused so much destruction around various parts of the uk. Little did I know my XA-200R was brewing up a storm of its own. When I got home and reconnected my amplifier I thought I would leave it fired up and go and make myself a coffee while it warmed up. The first few things I noticed while listening was a faster, deeper bass underpinning the other parts of the frequency range. Drums and bass guitar had another level of grip, speed and power that was not there before. All this was done while still sounding smooth and detailed. Instruments have taken on another level of clarity and separation. The image depth has now become so deep and wide, I am finding myself looking around the room to see how the percussionist, has some how managed to sneak into my house. The mid to high end has also emerged with a new lease of life, seeming to sound louder and more enriched with musical detail. I am not sure what John has done with my old amplifier, but the new addition is far better than the old. It’s almost like he’s given my amp a big sprinkling of magic fairy dust. My biggest problem now is what to upgrade next. X-Ray CD or my XA-200 power amps. Any help will be much appreciated.

This is the first of two upgrade reviews I am going to do. This one has been a next day review. My next will be either two or three months from now to see if the improvements continue.

John, thanks for the fantastic work you’ve done regarding my XA-200R amplifier.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 176 176 You switch on the amp you've cherished for 11 years and after a moment it turns off and you have that sinking feeling. You take it to the local highly respected repairers and you a