What do we upgrade?

We perform upgrades to give your Musical Fidelity Equipment superior performance and sound. Client’s are amazed by the level of improvement to their equipment once upgraded. Please read our Testimonials

What items do you work with?

We can upgrade almost all Musical Fidelity items including:

  • A Series

  •  A1

  • A100

  • A370

  • M1

  • Dac

  • kw500

  • kw1000

  • kw550

  • MVT

  • Nu-Vista

  • P270

  • Tri-Vista

  • Tri-Vista 21 Dac

  • X Series

  • Nu-Vista 3D

  • Nu-Vista M3

  • Nu-Vista 300

Your MF Item not there? The Likelihood is that we will be able to upgrade it, just click GET A QUOTE.

Why JS Audio Repairs?

John has over 25 years experience of Musical Fidelity equipment and has spent many years researching and developing the most effective and reliable way to upgrade units. He knows how to make them perform to a much superior standard than any other upgrade service available.

Manufacturers cut corners and we aim to put this right! If you have any questions please contact us or for a quotation click GET A QUOTE.