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Better than new

Oct 23, 2017 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: MF CDTube / Cyrus2 / PSX 

After 15 years in storage and not working JS repaired and renewed my lovely MF tube CD player, complete with super Russian valves. After such a transformation I had to get the equally old Cyrus 2 and PSX upgraded. The combined effect is astonishing. Great advice, follow up calls, very efficient. Highly recommend!

Awesome transformation KW-550

Aug 21, 2017 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: KW-550 

After years of not being content with my system I let John do the full upgrade of my KW550. Being curious after John I picked it up when it was ready, which was quite a trip living near Amsterdam. But meeting John made it all worth wile. What a nice and knowledgeable guy he is! But after installing the amp back in the system there was a definitive improvement, but still something annoying me. To the point that I sent the amp back to John for a checkup.... Shame on me!! The amp appeared to perform flawlessly in John's system. John politely suggested my beloved, and I thought perfect, pair Dynaudio Confidence C4 might be the cause of the annoying highs and lack of imaging. I must admit it took some time to accept this as a possibility. I then had Ben van Leliveld, owner of Acoustic Matters, take an acoustical blueprint of my system and listening area. Ben does this for high end systems but also for (famous) recording studios and for demonstrating rooms for high end dealers. Apart from very accurately determining the acoustical problems of the room, Ben immediately found the Dynaudios to measure anything but flat. These were newly bought speakers! John was right all the time: the Danes were to blame. The acoustical problems were solved relatively affordably, and anyone should treat oneself to do this because it is by far the most effective way of finally hearing what a system is really capable of! Then after selling my Dynaudios I went on a search guided by Ben van Leliveld. I visited some dealers to listen to speaker systems and almost broke my back on the process because Ben strongly advised I do all the listening with my own KW550. Now comes the fun part: although the speaker dealers knew (or knew of) the KW550 they looked a bit as if they considered it oay but nothing special and certainly not good enough for them. But all and I repeat all of them became very silent after the KW550 started playing and warmed up a bit. They listened without comment and afterwards said thing like: 'you should never sell that amp' , this doesn't sound like a KW550 at all' or 'you have to pay at least 20.000 euros to get something as clean and powerful as this' So I am now listening to a pair of Harbeth 40.2 in an acoustically treated room and the difference is unreal. Finally I understand what a profound and unexpected change John did to the KW-550. There is a wide deep stable stereo image. No harshnes. Everything is tonaly correct. Instruments and voices sound so natural. Finally there is MUSIC and I am enjoying it. The job John did to the KW550 is amazing! Thank you, John!

My X-A100R

Aug 19, 2017 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Upgraded 

What a contrast... I had John upgrade X-A100R amp which has been part of life since 1999... I decided that vintage is the way forward and luckily enough Ebay seller Clifton from Eastcote had a set of near perfect MC-5 speakers up for sale... The upgraded X-A100R and these MC-5 speakers are unreal... Task... How do I connect the 2 pairs of MC-4 speakers to this setup without having an ASBO???? .... I am stunned and enjoying the sound and depth from the amp coupled with some sublime speakers..... Thank you John... Great Stuff!

A3 CD awesome upgrade

Jul 27, 2017 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Musical Fidelity A3 cd player 

Some time ago John upgraded my Musical Fidelity XP100 pramp to great affect, this has a great phono stage which is why I have kept it all these years, I told John that the sound through my record deck was better than the sound I get out of my Musical Fidelity A3 CD player, he said that he could do a great upgrade on the A3 and it would sound as good as my vinyl player and properly better.
Dose it sound better,//, Iv'e been playing the A3 for around 4 weeks now and the improvement is massive, cleaner more open sound, bigger sound stage, heaver and tighter bottom end, the overall sound is much more dynamic. AND GETTING BETTER
As for sounding better than my record deck well it's close, it depends more on the better recording now which comes out on top, I find I am happy listing to my CD for longer periods as they sound so good.

So once again John thank you very much, I am very happy with the A3.
you are a master of your art

Kind Regards


KW500 transformed

Jun 29, 2017 by Anonymous
Item Repaired/upgraded: Repaired and upgraded 

I was hearing eggs frying on one channel of my KW500, so it needed fixing. With so many positive reviews, I opted to go for the full Monty upgrade. That was one year ago, and it just seems to go on getting better and better. I mainly listen to classical music, and my Hi-Fi holy grail has been to close my eyes, and imagine that I am in the concert hall, or opera house, listening to a live performance. Before the upgrade, I had the sense of a performance in front of me, but not actually being there. Since the upgrade, I have got inside the venue, and the performance itself has been transformed. The sound stage is huge, with width and depth. Less than stellar recordings have come to life, and the best recordings are overwhelmingly. It’s so like going to a live concert, that I want to applaud at the end!

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 116 116 My Musical Fidelity A5 CR Power Amplifier one day went "Pop!!!" and smoke started emitting from the unit! and tripped all the electric out in my house! I stupidly took the unit to