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NuVista 3D & kW550 revisted

Apr 29, 2017 by Andy Trimble
Item Repaired/upgraded: NuVista 3D & kW550 

I've had these upgraded for quite a time now and what has become more and more apparent is that the hardware responds transparently to any changes you make. I've upgraded my speaker cable and interconnects (several interconnects) and the changes are as clear as day. This allows me to fine tune my system to suit my taste. Brilliant!

I couldn't have asked for more and John has been more than helpful on the odd occasion I've had a question.

Expensive - yes, but excellent value for money. Buy with confidence.

Expectations exceeded

Apr 15, 2017 by Justin McRoberts
Item Repaired/upgraded: NAD c356bee 

Whilst contemplating getting a newer and more expensive integrated amp, I stumbled upon a recommendation for John's service. After swapping a couple of emails I decided on upgrading my amp, expecting to gain subltle and at best moderate improvements.

My expectations have well and truly been exceeded, the NAD is now producing clearer and more defined bass, a midrange that is a level or two better than before and with a sweeter upper range. It is if a blanket has been removed from my speakers, in fact I am now appreciating how good my speakers are!

Great service and great results. Thank you John

Great Service

Apr 04, 2017 by Gerald Wooding
Item Repaired/upgraded: M/F F22 pre and F19 power amps 

I met John when he still worked for Musical Fidelity. He carried out upgrades/repairs to both my F22 pre and F19 power amps a couple of years ago and both are still going strong. His work cannot be recommended highly enough.

Great Upgrade

Feb 19, 2017 by Mark Pearson
Item Repaired/upgraded: Creek 5050 Amp 

After John repaired my Sub, I bit the bullet and decided to have my Creek 5050 repaired and upgraded. I have had the Amp since the early 90s and its always been solid but over the years, the switches have worn, losing channels and it needed some love.John explained what could be done to take my amp to another level or I fork out a lot money to try and replace it. No brainer.

I collected it, all clean and switches all working. Got home and plugged the amp in. Sounds great and I`m sure with time to bed in, it will improve further.

Great repair, great upgrade, great service and a great technician.

Thank you.

A stunning improvement!

Jan 23, 2017 by Michael Hartney
Item Repaired/upgraded: Full upgrade 

After reading the many positive testimonials on this site and speaking with John himself about the upgrade procedure I decided to go all out and go for the full upgrade using the best components.
I sent in my Musical Fidelity A5 Pre and Power amps for John to work his magic on separately with a space of several months between and was able to clearly hear the differences of each unit upgrade.
All I can say is the upgrades delivered EXACTLY what John promised, richer more realistic tone, tighter controlled bass and power, wider more lifelike soundstage, quieter, blacker background and spades more detail in the sound to boot. You feel like you're really hearing into the music now, becoming aware of ambient cues in the recording and enveloped in a wide, deep and clean soundstage.
He has improved my system's musical capability tenfold.
I would highly recommend John's upgrade programme for your existing Musical Fidelity gear. His standard of workmanship is excellent and you can feel his passion in conversation for making your hi-fi perform to its best capability.

Thank you John.

JS Audio Repairs , USA 5.0 5.0 108 108 What do you do if you own a fantastic 1998 Stereophile Class A CD Player that won't play discs anymore? You take it to John Sampson. Straight away, John knew the entire laser mecha