Effortless grunt

MF A308 CD, Integrated amp and power amp bought ex-demo back in 2008 bi amping a pair of Jamo concert 11’s. In 2019 all 3 boxes were stage 2 upgraded. Now in 2024 the system just sings effortless grunt. Plays any type of music very well never recordings especially well. Time to audition bigger speakers.

Outstanding work

I’d had my A370.2 since new and for various reasons after our last house move my hifi didn’t come out of the boxes. The A370 sat unused since early 2005 until Covid happened and like many others at that time when stuck at home I started to pick up old hobbies. However when the A370 […]

Amazing Transformation

I have had my amplifier from new, so over 20 years. The input selector had been playing up for some time, but not only that, it had begun to sound lacklustre. Only one thing for it. I spoke to John, who explained my problems were common for the age of the amplifier. He explained about […]

Audio Magician

Bought used around 15 years ago, my amp of maybe 25 yrs had started to hiss and crackle. John took it in to look over, diagnosis worn out. Got it back this weekend, totally transformed! Immediately sounded impressive, now after only 15 hours of the recommended 30-40 running in it sounds fantastic. Much greater depth, […]

You Work Out the Maths!

So, after many years of owning the Nu Vistas, the long dormant upgrade bug was kicking in and off I went to a local respected Hi-Fi shop to see and hear the latest offerings. As soon as the store knew what I had, the staff nearly screamed at me to keep the Nu Vistas and […]

Transformed Amp

The latest upgrade from JS Audio is to my KW750 power amp and was a Stage 1 plus WBT terminals plus 1kW Audio Grade transformers. Now that the amp has had some time to “run-in” the difference is substantial with improved dynamics, transparency and clarity. Sound stage is bigger and better defined and music just […]

A3CR Pre and Power Amplifiers

I have owned my amps for 20 years and love the MF sound. I was considering purchasing the new M6 pre/power but after several exchanges with John, elected to get mine rebuilt and upgraded. They have been running a couple of months now, together with a new Rega P10 and all I can say is […]

Nu Vista 3D CR CD Player upgrade

JS Audio previously upgraded my MF A300 amp that still sounds fantastic so had John do a Stage 2 upgrade on my CD Player including new valves. Initially It sounded better and had greater detail but 4 months on and time to run in the improvement is another level. The separation of instruments, soundstage, detail […]

Musical Fidelity P170 Power Amplifier

Knowing the other repairer like the Getitfixed which they destroyed this power amp when they returned it to me. Thankfully AudioJSRepairs which is Mr John to the rescue! Mr John completely remodified and improved this power amp significantly. I am listening now and to my surprised, the details, botom end to mid and highs expanded […]


Great job. My vinyl has taken a farther step on the way to perfection. Highly recommended service, glad I decided to send my amplifier (musical fidelity A3.2cr dual mono) for repair and stage one upgrade.