Nu Vista 3D CR CD Player upgrade

JS Audio previously upgraded my MF A300 amp that still sounds fantastic so had John do a Stage 2 upgrade on my CD Player including new valves. Initially It sounded better and had greater detail but 4 months on and time to run in the improvement is another level. The separation of instruments, soundstage, detail […]

Musical Fidelity P170 Power Amplifier

Knowing the other repairer like the Getitfixed which they destroyed this power amp when they returned it to me. Thankfully AudioJSRepairs which is Mr John to the rescue! Mr John completely remodified and improved this power amp significantly. I am listening now and to my surprised, the details, botom end to mid and highs expanded […]


Great job. My vinyl has taken a farther step on the way to perfection. Highly recommended service, glad I decided to send my amplifier (musical fidelity A3.2cr dual mono) for repair and stage one upgrade.

Transformed Goldmund

John has just completed a startlingly successful repair and upgrade on my classic and much sought-after Goldmund Mimesis 9. It is now able once more to run rings around current power amp references. I have nothing but praise for his work and technical insight; you can safely leave your beloved high-end gear in his hands, […]

Nu Vista 800

It’s been a year now since getting my NV 08 repaired and upgraded to stage two. I’ve deliberately given the amp plenty of time to settle in as I did now want to give a “false” report. My initial impressions were not that great to be honest . Yes , the amp certainly was better […]

Musical Fidelity M6Si

Just want to share my opinion with the upgrade of my amp – Musical Fidelity M6Si. First of all – John Sampson is a brilliant tech-guy, he knows the MF products in details and knows their weakness. After contacting John we clarified the upgrade – 10-15 emails and I decide to make upgrade Stage 3. […]

More musical

I got in touch with John for repair of my CD player which had stopped providing an audio output and decided to go for the Stage 1 upgrade at the same time. I’m very pleased with the improvement in sound quality. Although I’ve long appreciated the Musical Fidelity sound, the combination with my PMC speakers […]

Bought back to life

John is an ex MF service engineer, I worked for the company during the latter years and I’ve always been a fan of MF kit. With the sale of the company I was unsure how legacy products could be serviced and repaired. I knew of John’s work and how highly regarded his work is seen. […]

Musical Fidelity NuVista 800

Upgrade done in an extremely professional manner. All Capacitors replaced op-amps internal cabling and speaker binding posts replaced. The first thing I noticed was that the sound is so much smoother; sounding much more like a single ended amplifier. The smoother sound is not at the expense of information; far from it. I can now […]

A5 CD and A5CR pre

John completed a Stage 2 upgrade on my A5 CR Pre, I was using a Croft Micro 25R pre, sounded good but presented a vague and inconsistent soundstage. John assured my that the upgraded pre would bring everything into focus.. he was SO right. Next stage was to upgrade my aging A5 CD to Stage […]