I contacted John for some help and advice following a poor repair by Musical Fidelity, who had left me with the amplifiers sounding different following a failure. John assured me that he would resolve this and that upgrading them would leave me , hearing how my system should sound’. I am using Thiel 2.4 speakers, which are notoriously current hungry, John assured me that my re-worked amplifiers would be up to the job.

So I took the plunge and sent my amplifiers to John for the medium level upgrade. One week later, I received my upgraded 550k Superchargers and connected them up.

The improvement is simply staggering. Music sounds real, I now understand what is meant when reviewers talk about texture. Metal strings , taste’ metal, wood , feels’ wooden and the music is just alive in the room.

I have not heard my system sounding like this EVER and John tells me it is only going to get better!

The upgrade was the best value improvement to the enjoyment of music that I have ever made. If you are considering asking John to breathe his magic into your system…my recommendation is to not wait a day longer!

Now…I wonder what John could do to my Consonance CD player????……..

Shaun Devey