After reading the many positive testimonials on this site and speaking with John himself about the upgrade procedure I decided to go all out and go for the full upgrade using the best components.
I sent in my Musical Fidelity A5 Pre and Power amps for John to work his magic on separately with a space of several months between and was able to clearly hear the differences of each unit upgrade.
All I can say is the upgrades delivered EXACTLY what John promised, richer more realistic tone, tighter controlled bass and power, wider more lifelike soundstage, quieter, blacker background and spades more detail in the sound to boot. You feel like you’re really hearing into the music now, becoming aware of ambient cues in the recording and enveloped in a wide, deep and clean soundstage.
He has improved my system’s musical capability tenfold.
I would highly recommend John’s upgrade programme for your existing Musical Fidelity gear. His standard of workmanship is excellent and you can feel his passion in conversation for making your hi-fi perform to its best capability.

Thank you John.

Michael Hartney