I decided to get my old A100 renovated as it was my first , proper’ Hi-Fi amplifier and I missed its warm, mellifluous sound.
I t had had a repair job some 15 years ago which had left it working but uninspiring to listen to. I contacted John who recommended a full rebuild and so I went with that. Once the amp came back to me, the first signs of changer were the smoother, more , expensive’ feel to all the controls and the proper speaker terminals instead of the sockets.
The sound was miles better and after a few hours of running in (it is effectively a brand new amplifier) it continued to improve. The music it produces is much clearer with vastly more detail whilst with that slightly warm and smooth class A sound it was known for. The bass has more power and the whole sound times brilliantly, if there’s a rhythm in there the amp will latch onto it – great stuff.
I’m very pleased with the result and just wish I’d done it ages ago.

Russell Varney