Some time ago John upgraded my Musical Fidelity XP100 pramp to great affect, this has a great phono stage which is why I have kept it all these years, I told John that the sound through my record deck was better than the sound I get out of my Musical Fidelity A3 CD player, he said that he could do a great upgrade on the A3 and it would sound as good as my vinyl player and properly better.
Dose it sound better,//, Iv’e been playing the A3 for around 4 weeks now and the improvement is massive, cleaner more open sound, bigger sound stage, heaver and tighter bottom end, the overall sound is much more dynamic. AND GETTING BETTER
As for sounding better than my record deck well it’s close, it depends more on the better recording now which comes out on top, I find I am happy listing to my CD for longer periods as they sound so good.

So once again John thank you very much, I am very happy with the A3.
you are a master of your art

Kind Regards


Alan Reed