I sent my Musical Fidelity A5CR Pre Amp and pair of 10 year old A3CR Power Amps to join for his upgrade including terminal replacement expecting a small improvement (I’m a bit cynical due to the endless exaggeration when it comes to audio on the internet) but hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

The difference was neither small nor subtle, it’s the biggest improvement I’ve made to my system. Everything that John promised to improve was hugely improved.
Far less harshness, deeper bass, wider soundstage, more extended top end, sweeter midrange. In short, every aspect of the sound was improved.

In this case you can believe the hype, John does fantastic work that make a significant improvement to your system.
In addition, he’s a very pleasant, friendly and helpful person to deal with and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Thank you so much John for making such a difference to my enjoyment of music.

Denis Carlin