I have owned a pair of John Bowers Active speakers since 2007 and although were working ok, I knew that there performance wasn’t anything like they should sound like. These ground breaking speakers were manufactured in 1986, some 33 years ago!
I had used John Sampson to repair and upgrade the original music fidelity pre amplifier and was very happy with the results. I therefore asked John if he would be able to refurbish and upgrade the two power amplifier modules and matching active pre amplifier.
This was a major undertaking for John as it involved a total strip down and careful full component rebuild, using newer and better performance components where appropriate, whilst keeping the integrity of the original design.
I can honestly say that I wasn’t prepared for the total transformation in the level of performance. I remember reading a review of these speakers when they were first released. They were considered a rival for the QUAD ESL 57 and 63 electrostatic design, in terms of transparency. They also have much lower frequency response and much greater peak output.
After John’s meticulous work, I can now hear what the reviewers were referring to. The transparency, smooth and seamless sound is held in an iron fist. Micro dynamics are quite amazing. I can listen at low volume but still get amazing dynamic range and detail.
John has well and truly excelled himself with this rebuild and upgrade.
I can recommend John’s most highly and he is a lovely man to deal with as well. 100% recommended, sincere thanks John!