I previously owned a Musical Fidelity M6i Amplifier and this was good but after a few years the upgrade bug bit so I contacted John for advise on which Amplifier I should buy with a view to it being “the last Amplifier I would ever need to buy” John advised me to try and get hold of a kW500 as they are rare with only 500 having been made, a few days later luckily one appeared on eBay and the rest is history.
I sent it to John for the “Full Monty” upgrade, when it came back I unboxed it and it was like brand new, plugged it all in and left it powered on overnight, the following day I put on some of my favorite music, and I was blown away by the stunning sound quality, Detail, Separation, sound staging all absolutely brilliant! I am literally getting a completely different listening experience and John informs me it will be at least another 200 hours of use before it’s at it’s best!
This is by far the best sounding Amplifier I have ever heard and I have heard a fair few all of them way more expensive than the cost of the Kw500 and Johns “Full Monty” upgrade!.
John is a really nice bloke and a pleasure to deal with, cannot recommend him highly enough, if you are after amazing sound quality without braking the bank John is the guy for the job!
Thanks John for enabling me to experience true high end Hi-Fi at an affordable cost.

Chris Wood