I contacted John to repair a couple of Audiolab power amps that had failed after 18 years heavy use. It was clear from speaking on the phone that John knows what he is doing and really cares about doing it right. He agreed to fix the faulty components but pointed out that everything else inside the boxes was the same age and likely to fail for similar reasons. He convinced me to go for the full upgrade by replacing all the key components, re-soldering all the connections and giving everything else a thorough overhaul.

The amps came back packaged in vacuum sealed polythene and looking absolutely brand new. More importantly they sounded fantastic. They took a few hours of playing to really loosen up after which I was shocked to discover quite how much they had drifted off spec in the intervening years. John had explained that he would be using higher grade components than the original build and I can confirm that the amps really do sound better than when I originally purchased them. I am hearing new details in albums that I have listened to countless times over the years and I find myself rediscovering my music collection all over again.

I didn’t know that amps could be upgraded in this way. I had some doubts initially but was reassured by John’s professional manner and obvious experience. I am thrilled with the results which are genuinely better than expected. Highly recommended.

Once again thanks very much for a great job. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Even Mrs T has noticed the difference listening from the kitchen ÔÅä