John is an ex MF service engineer, I worked for the company during the latter years and I’ve always been a fan of MF kit. With the sale of the company I was unsure how legacy products could be serviced and repaired.
I knew of John’s work and how highly regarded his work is seen.
I picked up an A1 from ebay, I always wanted one and found one in great condition. The volume control became noisy and the input switch became very intermittent. I contacted John and his his advise was to upgrade and service.
I said to John I wanted to retain the amplifiers warmth and musicality, the upgrade is absolutely worth the investment, I feel I now have a brand new amplifier with the Tim de P designed circuit, what a transformation. Music has come to life, organic, musically and transparent.
I can’t recommend John highly enough, he has done a fantastic job from drop off to being sent to me.
He is a genuinely nice guy who absolutely knows his stuff.

Thanks John.

Dave Waters