The moment the amp was switched on, I was totally surprised with the sound, not only it sound completely different but totally fantastic. The sound stage is so much wider now and airy that you do not actually know that the sound is coming out from the speakers in front of you.
The sound was very warm previously and now it sounds neutral, all those while I thought that the warm sound was from the speakers not knowing it was the original kW550 amp producing the warm sound. After the upgrade, my speakers actually able to produce the neutral sound that I always wanted and that makes me very satisfy because I have the impression that I bought the wrong set of speakers. The upgraded amp is able to push the speaker performance to its very best that you can hear every detail so clearly and the bass is tighter and much lower than before. We expect smoother sound after 300 hours of running in the amp. The present sound is better than the sound that I first heard in the shop that I bought the pair of speakers from, using a £20,000 mono block and pre amp to test.

With all that being said, John is able to give my amp a new life from the upgrade and it is definitely worth all the effort and money on this upgrade. Thank you John.

I’m running the amp with the followings:
Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers with Anti-cable speaker cable
Bel Canto DAC3.5 vB mkii DAC with Harmonic Technology Magic Link II interconnect
North Star Design model 192 Cd Transport
Power Inspired AC Regenerator

Albert Lim