After having my X-P100 pre-amp updated by John- (testimonial Jan 8 2014 MF’s loss) I contacted John and consulted him about a heavy thump coming from my left hand speaker, if I ever had any reason to switch the amplifiers off and on again. He advised me to have my amps looked at a.s.a.p., so, I decided to have my XA-200 monobloc amps given the “John” treatment. The results were again well above expectations and the bass was is they say now, ” awesome “.
I decided then to complete the upgrade route and have my X-RAY cd player checked and upgraded by John. There was a slight fault with the laser when it was returned ,but John took it back and it is now sorted to his high standard and I am delighted with the results. I never thought I could afford a system of this calibre but John has given it to me.
Thank you John.
I am just waiting at the moment for an ARCAM tuner which John is having a go at. Watch this space.
Henry B

Henry McKenzie