Sunday mid morning listening to ‘purple radio’ via the internet (recommended) and i noticed one channel was only working intermittently on my Rotel 980 BX power amps which i have enjoyed listening to for some 22 years, fearing the worst i spent Monday calling local repair shops in vein rather like JR Hartley looking for his book ‘ fly fishing’
Searching the net, JS Audio Repairs kept on coming up in various reviews all of which were very good and after a call to John which lifted my spirits somewhat i took both amps 125miles to Croydon and agreed not only to simply repair them but to have them serviced at the same time involving the replacement and upgrade of all capacitors with Rubycon Blackgates a couple of transistors, a thorough clean and re-solder of a number of joints. Now John told me they would come back with tighter bass response and a much improved soundstage but what he didn’t tell me was that upon listening to them it would take me back to that excitement experienced when i purchased them. Thank you John you’ve made me feel 19 again! Awesome

Paul Fisher