I’ve used John before, some five years ago, when I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the performance of my amplifier. He both repaired and upgraded it and the improvement was dramatic.

Cut to just December just gone. Following redecorating I foolishly left a set of speaker leads in a short circuit position, so that when I switched on my amplifier it blew in a big way. I contacted John to see what he could do and, cutting a long story short, I ended up delivering both my amplifier and CD player to his workshop. I decided that I may as well get the CD upgraded, not that there was anything wrong with it, together with getting the amplifier repaired, plus a little more upgrading.

Was it expensive? Well yes, in one way but, on the other hand, if you run with equipment at this level of investment, it’s a pity to spoil it by skimping on second best. And John doesn’t know what second best means. Well he does, but only because he showed me the difference between his work and some of the shoddy stuff he has to repair. With John you don’t get fake customer service, or surveys asking , how did we do?’, just leave it with him, agree a reasonable date for return, and that’s what you get.

As far as improvements are concerned, the system is still bedding in. The CD is starting to really come into its own, and I’m picking up detail on CDs I hadn’t heard before. I’m looking forward to a lot of years with this system.

Geoff Toscano