Hi John – it’s difficult for me to believe it’s been 2 months since I picked up my amp from you and I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know how things have come along.

First up, I was really impressed with the attention to detail and your willingness to incorporate some of my particular requests. I wasn’t expecting new speaker terminals but the WBT versions you have installed confirm the quality within.

I can’t be sure that the cone feet have made a contribution of their own but they look good and having three of them means it is super stable with no ‘micro rocking’. The chassis earth is definitely a winner – as soon as I connected to the RF Router it was like a previously unheard veil of sibilance disappeared.

And the ‘new’ amp sound? Well it has taken a while to burn in – I leave my amp on all the time but even after a month I noticed a step change. I hadn’t had time to listen to much actual music in that time which may explain the duration but I definitely think it has improved since then.

So, what now? You have unleashed the power with much, much more control, exactly as you promised. I know you aren’t a massive fan of the Spendor D7’s but I promise they are really singing their hearts out now. Bass is firmer, starts and stops quicker, is less blurred and far less boom.

In retrospect I had thought that I should have a smaller amp but now it is so much better controlled it plays beautifully at low levels but can ‘go large’ without becoming a blurred mess. I’m listening to Led Zep II at the moment and for the first time actually ‘get’ Moby Dick.

Another beautiful change has been a further upgrade to the smoothness and clarity of the mid-band and HF which was never a weakness with the D7’s before but has gone to a new level of excellence. I listen to quite a lot of jazz records not all of which are well recorded but the new Blue Note ‘Our Man In Paris’ Dexter Gordon literally stopped a conversation with my wife…for a good reason, it sounded so clear and smooth.

The ‘sound stage’ has improved too – I am now listening to more 3 dimensional music that extends higher and wider than before.

All in all, wonderful, Thank you, again

Graham Wynde