John very kindly repaired my kW CD transport, and when I collected it we discussed how much better my kW500 would be if upgraded so I went for the complete package including the power supply upgrade – the man has magic fingers! What a transformation, the depth and control that this amp has now is simply astonishing, the music just flows so naturally it is a joy! Having experienced what John could achieve I then had the kW DAC upgraded too – with similar results. There is no doubt that the kW kit was good but once John has breathed on them they are probably the best sounding bits of kit I’ve ever, ever heard, bar none, and over forty plus years I’ve heard some great sounding kit and a lot of different makes costing a hell of a lot more. I cannot recommend a JS Audio Upgrade enough – if you’ve got a kW500 let John upgrade it and be ready for a shock!!! Five star service as well!! Thank you John

Kevin Wood