Now that I have had time to listen properly and to after a lot of tinkering with my system finally got to a place I am happy with I feel able to review John’s work.
The first most obvious difference was that the sound seemed airier. More space around the notes and instruments, generally more clarity was evident and this has continued to improve as it runs in. Leading edges of notes are now so finely etched, so clear that it is quite astonishing.
Bass weight has also increased markedly. On certain pieces the whole room moves, you feel the depth, subterranean depth but not at the expense of clarity and definition.
Low level listening is remarkable in that clarity and space- up, down, left, right, beyond the speakers- is now tangible but not in a regular ‘hifi’ way but rather it just sounds like music.
I had considered getting a phono preamp as the gain from the originally spec was insufficient for a relatively low output MC cartridge. However this is no longer a problem- quite what John did I have no idea but the difference is considerable.
Of course I now know what people mean by bad recordings such is the transparency of this system but that is a price I am prepared to pay.
Finally to say that my speakers are by no means inefficient and could play happily with a valve amp however the MF now commands them with an iron fist and the result is spectacular.
A great service and remarkable result. I am a very happy customer!

David Harvey