After nearly 1 year my Musical Fidelity XA200 amplifiers are back at home.
They sound beautifully, I’m afraid not being able to find more subtleties in the sound; to me, they sounded great also before the repair/upgrade. In fact, they sound(ed) so good I am cold when I listen to some ‚Äúsuper systems‚Äù at shows. If I listen to the music I know well, at home, I can hear the fingers on the cords, or the breath of the musician before blowing into the brass; It does not happen on some of my friends systems costing ten times mine. ( Pre Meridian , Sonus Faber Electa Amator speakers, if wondering)
That said, I am sure Sir John did a great work. I think he must have had some problem, since I was without news from him for several months, and I was a little worried, but now everything is ok. The damage I have done to my amps was horrible, he said ( I shorted one of them badly ) and I sure believe him, since the official service I contacted in Italy told me the unit was beyond hope. Instead, he made the magic.
I think that some kind of magic requires some time.
Thank You so much ! Grazie infinite !

Corrado Coda