My KW SACD player developed a fault where it wouldn’t read the CD’s, then the CD tray stopped ejecting altogether. I phoned John and his reassuring knowledge of the player persuaded me to send it of to him to be fixed.
I’m only writing this review 18 months after having got it back due to a small daughter who would have pressed and prodded it in the existing equipment support, now it sits in a child resistant rack.
John has performed miracles on my machine, what was already a stupendous player is now in another league, the sounds have filled out in the highs, mids and bass. I’m completely blown away by what he’s achieved. I also have an Audiolab CDT6000 transport and a RME ADI2 DAC which I can compare it to, they are no slouches either, all running through a Karan Accoustics KAI 180 amp and Anthony Gallo REF 3 speakers, John is a magican, no hesitation in recommending his services. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.
One very very satisfied customer.

Mark Rampton