I’ve now had my Musical Fidelity M6 PRE amplifier for a week after a stage 2 upgrade carried out by Mr John Sampson. And I’m mightily impressed with the results. The sonic presentation is more cohesive ‚Äì and better integrated ‚Äì like a jigsaw with all the pieces in their rightful place.
In terms of details the bass is definitely tighter with a more rounded tone. Mids are a tad more forward with vocals better articulated – a delight for lovers of the human voice like myself. The changes to the highs are less obvious, more subtle but I can detect no harshness or tendency towards the brittle – always the bane of the top end.
All in all Mr Sampson’s work has really hit the spot. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking of an upgrade to a bit of your kit ‚Äì you’ll leave your treasured hi fi in the best of hands. I shall certainly be returning to him with my other Musical Fidelity pieces in the future.

John Ridley