Hi John,
Just a few words to say many, many thanks for the upgrade work you completed on my amp, power supply & internal DAC.
In the world of HiFi and diminishing returns for large outlays of money you have just ‘fast tracked’ me to ‘life in the big league’ without the inherent cost. My system is now a true hi end performer, and all thanks to your advice and craftsmanship.
It’s performance is captivating, always bringing a smile of dis-belief every time it’s played. From the sheer size and scale of the soundstage to the transparency and delicacy it achieves with all genres of music – remarkable.
I’ve recently auditioned the inboard DAC against 2k+ players from very reputable stablemates only to find them being out performed by what I already have! You spend years seeking excellence and ‘true HiFi’ – I’m there now. Outstanding!
Again, my sincere thanks John for your quality work and valued advice.
Michael Ramshaw.

Michael Ramshaw