I bought a second hand A3 player about 9 years old and in first class condition for £350, then had John’s £600 upgrade. It was 3 or 4 months of normal use before the sound stopped changing. And it was certainly worth waiting for. The player does everything I wanted, playing classical, rock, easy listening all with equal success. You get a proper impression of the performance. The “hi-fi” aspects of the sound eg bass, treble, clarity, instrument tones etc are all so natural that I have come to take those technical aspects for granted. The whole sound is evenly balanced, very open, clear and stress-free. There is an easy reality about each performance that is uncanny and very addictive. You could listen to this player for many hours at a time without fatigue. I have run out of superlatives, suffice it to say this player has to be heard to be believed. Heartily recommended, and thanks John, this is a great service.

Derrick Forster