I upgraded my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated and A5 cd player! First and foremost, to say that John is a genius is an understatement. He knows what he does and is an expert at it. I have been an audiophile for 36 odd years. During this period, I have had loads of gear as it is with most audiophiles.
I cannot name all the various brands I have had during this period, I have always wanted better and never knew when to stop, Long story short, somehow trying to explore the next level of my unending passion and hobby I came across JS Audio, it took me a couple of months before contacting John and was very surprised by his level of audio knowledge and understanding, the thing that struck me most was that he was not selling a product or service but genuinely looking to help you achieve the best you are looking for in your hifi journey.
I had hours of telephone conversations with him and finally decided to upgrade my Musical fidelity A5 integrated, it took sometime for it to arrive back due to Covid 19. When I received the Amp, a few things were very evident, the noise floor was amazingly quiet, the dynamics and soundstage are wider, vocals and voices have amazing clarity like never before, instruments sounded real and live-like but I have to be honest, I still wanted more, I changed speakers, cables, interconnects and powercords.
I called John and he explained to me that I just have to allow the components to settle in with time, I decided to send my A5 cd player for an upgrade as well and when I received the CD player back and plugged it in, wow, suddenly everything changed, I cannot describe it but its just only a few days that I got the cd player back but I thought I write this review now. Maybe after one month I will have to write another review. I had a stage 2 upgrade on the Amp and a stage 1 on the CD player.
If all those hundreds of reviews won’t convince you for an upgrade just give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised. I have to also say that John is a very nice gentleman as well, I travelled a long way to meet up with him personally.
John also gave me some advice and tips on speaker selection and that also helped me a lot in my last speaker purchase. I am enjoying my music now and looking to send my old amp of the 90’s which I have cherished for many years for an upgrade soon. I don’t know what de does and how he does it but something is just simply right with what he does. The problem now is that I want to listen to all my over 1000 cd’s over again. Lastly, be warned that very good recordings will be excellent and poor recordings will be exposed sadly, that’s my experience as I go through my CD’s over again.

Edward A