I bought this amp new many years ago, partnered with a MF F25 preamp.
JS Audio transformed the F25 bringing improved timing and clarity , the bass although clearly tighter was let down by the power amp which was too ‘loose’ .I then bought the Gryphon Diablo a superb integrated and currently about £10k retail very accurate with good bass.
I felt it was a little too clinical and decided to revamp the F16 which I remembered as being more analogue and warm sounding.
I went for the total refurb, new capacitors, new matched power transistors total rewire and wbt connectors.John also repaired and improved the switch circuits along withe replacing other components as necessary.
The results were amazing the amp now has a firm control of the bass and the mid to die for.The sound is very lifelike, the sound stage bigger wider and deeper .Suffice to say, I now use Johns amplifiers as my main system, the best value for money purchase I have made in hi-fi.
Well done John