You switch on the amp you’ve cherished for 11 years and after a moment it turns off and you have that sinking feeling. You take it to the local highly respected repairers and you are told that the main transformer has failed and they cannot get a replacement.
You then dredge from the back of your mind JS Audio and give John a call and with a reassurance born of experience John tells you he can fix and it can be upgraded as well.
So I’ve delayed writing this review for a month or so to let it settle in now that my Musical Fidelity A1 FB Pre is repaired and upgraded. All I can say is wow….
An example of the improvement is one particular piece where the singer is singing about a gypsy market previously I could hear there was the sounds of a market hiding in the mix, but now if I focus on the market I can hear what they are selling the clarity is so clear no mush. Doesn’t stop there though
Bass more tuneful more texture more bounce.
Treble is sweeter
It’s like every part of my system has been upgraded
so a big thank you to John, he is a magician.

Alan Webb