We’ve all been to really good concerts and feel well entertained. Have you ever had a close look at the musicians face when they’re playing? You can tell who’s enjoying entertaining you. They always have this excruciating painful look, the most screwed up faces when the bass is digging deep or the guitarist is floating on another planet, the keyboardist forget he’s part of a band doing his or her own thing and the drummer cannot hit the drums hard enough with the ugliest expressions. That’s how I now behave every time I put an album on. I’m playing every instrument with the most screwed up face my wife has ever seen on me, she was about to try and resuscitate me. Playing James Brown, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Brian Auger,A.W.B, I’m in the band having a concert in my listening room. Thank you John for advising me on the best and full upgrade for my dac. This Tri-Vista Dac is now truly Musical.