Thanks so much for the uber upgrade carried out on the X-Can!

Early impressions are… stunning!

Works very well with my Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic cans but pairs magnificently with the QUAD ERA-1’s. Actually, I am blown away by how good the pairing is – a match made in audio heaven!

I wasn’t prepared for the huge leap in audio quality your upgrades have brought! Thanks also for the new power supply. I think that’s really pushed it to the next level.

The sound seems to improve daily and there isn’t an area that is lacking. The upgrades have fulfilled everything I was looking to achieve (and beyond). It’s really brought the QUAD headphones to their full potential.

Thank you for the Demo CD. It sounded spectacular through the X-Can. I was very impressed by the clear separation; Powerful and clear textured bass that goes so low, its subterraneous; Sparkling and shimmery highs; Lush, rich and full bodied mids. It also achieves that magical 3D imaging / holographic soundstage I was hoping for. Fantastic.

So happy I didn’t bother buying a brand new headphone amp to power the QUAD’s and instead upgraded the X-Can V3.

Money well spent.

James Goodman