System: MF X-P100, 2x X-AS100, X-RAY, Michell Gyrodeck and B&M CDM9-NT speakers.

Dealing with John was a pleasure, a real gentleman. He repaired and upgraded the X-P100 and upgraded the X-AS100s.

I’m really made-up with the sound; more detail, more bass, much bigger soundstage, better balance between lows and highs, and more natural sounding.

Previously my system only really sounded great at anti-social volume levels. At low levels there was little bass, as if it needed the Loudness button off an , 80s Amstrad. Now longer, it sounds great whatever the volume level.

From what I’ve read the CDM-9NT’s are difficult speakers, and only really shine with amps that have plenty of muscle/current reserves; the MF’s are now more than up to the job.

Gareth Dodd