After quite some deliberation I decided to fully upgrade my pre and power amps with John. When I received them back I was delighted with the transformation I was hearing. Then after quite some burn in time they really began to sing with effortless control and a truly magnificent 3D soundstage. I thought they sounded pretty good before the upgrade but now they were on a completely different level.

After a month or two my I noticed my KWDM 25 transport was developing a tracking error. Without hesitation I contacted John and asked if he could rectify the fault, after hearing what he did to my amps I also asked if he could fully upgrade it and also upgrade the separate DAC. Again the transformation was astounding and I now own something which surpasses my expectations on a daily basis. My cd’s, which I’ve collected over many years take on a new form and now sound like live recordings with the artist sounding as if they’re in the room with me. Should you own any or all of these units I urge you to do the same, you will not be disappointed. Thank you very much John.

Shaun Hill