I bought the NAD319 used few years ago. A great amp in my opinion from the ’99, which I use only as a power amp bypassing the pre-amp side.

Being 16 years old, I thought it was a good idea to get it refurbished: capacitors were running out of steam, the relays were creating some minor noises at low volume (bad cold contact) and the protection circuit needed a look too (a classic problem of this design).
After looking on the internet for someone competent, I have seen reviews about John on this website and other websites/forums too… I had to give it a try!

John is a splendid and patient person! After a phone call I went directly there and seen with my own eyes his passion. I couldn’t wait to get it done. John planned to fix anything that needed fixing, replace the capacitors and upgrade the unit on its power section.
He is like an artist, don’t expect things to get done in a day. You have to be patient as well. And I can tell you, it is well invested money and time!

I got the amplifier back. All the problems gone, the sound stage improved and the level of details increased even further, without compromising the nice warm sound of the system.
It is brilliant… after investing on a pair of floor standing Focal last year, this work has completed the system having an amplifier that now is at the same level of the speakers.

Thanks John!

Alex Rossi