I’ve had my A3 power amp for some years and it occurred to me that replacing it to a similar standard, if ever that became necessary, would be costly. After seeing so many positive reviws of John’s work it seemed a safe bet to have him overhaul and upgrade my amp; I was not disappointed. He has, I believe, replaced all the capacitors and improved the internal wiring. Power supply caps have been up-rated too… and it sounds like a new AND more powerful amp. Bass has more control, top end is cleaner and the sound is overall more 3D and images are more stable. Harmonically the sound is richer; the sort of effect one would expect if a much more expensive amp had been installed. Dare I say that amp sounds valve-like? And I don’t mean in a cliched ‘warm and cuddly’ way. I mean that harmonically the sound is more life-like, more envolving, richer but with no loss of detail or attack. I wanted to save my self the anxiety of having to consider how I would cope if this old amp failed. Job done. relax and enjoy. Thank you John.

Derek Rumble