It’s been a year now since getting my NV 08 repaired and upgraded to stage two. I’ve deliberately given the amp plenty of time to settle in as I did now want to give a “false” report.
My initial impressions were not that great to be honest . Yes , the amp certainly was better but not as much as I thought it would be .
But after giving it more time to allow the replaced components to settle in it now is certainly much much better than an original NV 08. A change of cabling (speakers & interconnects) has also contributed to the new quality.
The amp really does sing now . Still smooth but with an openess that did not exist before . Bass is deep/ strong and effortless. The slightly recessed mid band is gone and is replaced with a vivid fleshy version.
Of course it would be very interesting to compare an upgraded and standard version as relying on our memories alone may not be as accurate as we would like. Even so , I’m confident the upgraded version punches above its weight . How much above it’s weight I don’t know as I have no idea what the other integrated amps sound like in the above £10k category