I have had this amp playing now for a few months after the upgrade and i have to say i am very pleased .The overall presentation is much more natural sounding and the base is just so tight its amazing.I get the feeling that i am hearing into the music much much more and the music is just there now with an uncanny realism which i have not heard with my vinyl or cd before along with an effortless presentation..It is doing a very good job at allowing my Guarneri Homage speakers to really show what they are really capable of..It has really brightened up the overall presentation of the music and made it sound so new and that is what i was hoping for..Over time i have been told it will mellow out alot without loosing any detail and that i look forward to..
So glad i upgraded instead of changing ,as this excellent well made amp is worth holding onto ..My Nu Vista 3D CD player has been fully upgraded also and my CD playback now is as close to vinyl as i feel i will ever get.John is a very decent chap and i urge anyone who is thinking of having some work done not to hesitate

Alan Moffett