A bit late with this review. A couple of years back I purchased a Meridian 557on Ebay for a reasonable price as there was an intermittent fault on one channel. When I ran the amp there was a variation between channels and so I searched for a specialist to repair the amp. Meridian did not want to know (seems to be a typical problem), so searching the web produced JSAudio as a go to. Spoke with John who detailed the problem I was seeing and what should be done to bring the amp up to date. Duly dropped the 557 into John’s workshop for its complete rebuild and update.
When the amp was completed, it was duly plugged into my system and kept live for a week to “bed in”. The results of John’s work were astounding, the amp sounded so superb, no distortion, just beautiful sound, with LOTS of power.
Thanks John

Brian Wedge