If like me you are wanting the right person to repair your HiFi separates you have come to the right place, John is excellent. My Quad 405-2 amp went bang so I looked at Quad service reviews, they were a bit hit and miss. My Musical fidelity A3CD player was skipping so I searched for Musical Fidelity repair and found John with 100% 5 star reviews. I phoned John up and just talked about my requirements, there was no hard sell or pressure at all. I then decided to get John to fix the amp and CD player but also to do a stage 1 upgrade on my A3CD, Quad 34 control unit and Quad 405-2 amp. The amp had blown one of the mid/bass drive unit voice coils on my Spendor SP1 speakers and John recommended Wilmslow Audio who replaced the voice coils on both mid/bass units, recapped the crossovers and rewired the speakers with new binding posts. So, how does the system sound? In a word, unbelievable. Everything is richer, deeper and more detailed, it really is like having a brand new CD collection. On great recordings I feel like I’m in the room with the musicians, the sound is so life like. Thank you John for doing a brilliant job on my separates, the sound is high end, just as you said it would be!

Robin Taylor