I bought my Luxman 309 amp in sept 1976 and it has performed brilliantly. Over the years the sound started to decline and I put this down to my own hearing declining with age. Unfortunately one of the channels recently became intermittent and I then struggled to find anyone who could repair it. I was given the name of john Sansom by a local HiFi shop in Ashford and I then contacted him.
That was back in October 2018. I contacted him. To be fair John did say that he was extremely busy with a significant backload of repairs and could not take on any more. Eventually I met up with him in Jan 2019 and delivered my Luxman. First impressions when I met him were wow! this guy really knows his stuff, he was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and so professional about everything. Again John said that he was still very busy but having met him and seen his set up I was happy to wait. John called me back in June and said that having inspected the Amp it would benefit from a complete refurb due to its age and general deterioration of components with age. There was no hard sell just lots of common sense and I agreed to the complete refurb and I finally collected it in September. John did warn me that the amp needs to bed in for a few weeks. When I first turned it on I was totally amazed and astounded at the sound coming from the amp; it literally took my breath away. Even my Wife commented on the warm, open and lovely sound!! My vinyls in particular have come back to life and cds are superb. I am now spending so much time just listening again to my collection.
Thank you John for all your amazing work and talent in bringing my 309 back to life; I really do appreciate it.

Eddie Bennett