Let me start at the beginning, Xray CD player is over 10 years old and skipping – what do I do? Should I replace the laser, upgrade the player or buy something else? I sent off my Equote enquiry to see what JS Audio might charge. Received a telephone call from John Sampson to ask me what it was that I wanted to achieve. If the Xray CD was still working would I keep it? This was the key question. What followed was no hard sell merely an outline of the options that were available and what they would cost.

So key question answered the next questions are do I upgrade, is it going to be worthwhile against the cost? At this stage you don’t know the answer, but John does so I kept it simple and asked him. There was no hard sell just an explanation, that components wear out and sometimes fail. Removing old or failed components with high quality replacements, fitting them with expertise and experience of the product line will achieve an improvement. No exaggerated claims just a logical explanation. I opted for the upgrade.

Having allowed the upgraded Xray to run in for a few hours it showed it was indeed upgraded, bass rendition deeper, width of soundstage greater and depth of image enhanced. The performance improvement is significant and immediately noticeable.

JS Audio service has that rare blend of reliability, professionalism and friendliness, John Sampson makes it his business to understand the customer. That is his starting point to ensure the end outcome will delight them.

thanks again