Over the summer I had John service/upgrade my early 90’s Onix OA21s, which although working fine, I thought should benefit from at least a recap. In addition to the recap John upgraded the speaker terminals, internal speaker cabling and some of the transistors.

Right from cold it was very apparent that something special had transpired. Much more clarity overall, better bass definition and more ‘swing’ to the music. After a couple of months of bedding in I can resolutely say that the work John has done has been a great improvement. In addition to the above there is also more sparkle in the treble and the music just flows effortlessly – the amp is in total control of the speakers. In this case B&W CCM663 ceiling speakers used in the kitchen/dining area.

John is a lovely chap to deal with, very informative and really knows his stuff. An absolute pleasure.

Sam Saffadi