I have intentionally left leaving a review for a number of months so that I can give an ‘as is/accurate’ type of review; I should add because of my scenario (SCI) that I listen to my music way more than the average listener (sometimes up to 8 hours a day).
As the review title says, if I had to use one word it would be ‘superlative’.
I will say what was (overall) already a very capable amplifier, is now absolutely superb in ‘all’ area’s – if I had to choose just one, it would be clarity/resolution.
Over the years I have had demo’s of numerous, mostly higher end Hi-Fi and without any doubt can say this is now truly the best I have heard to date.
Obviously Hi-Fi is a very personal/subjective thing, but to my ears this now runs circles round the usual contenders/suspects in this context.
John was extremely helpful from beginning to end and I cannot recommend his help, service and advice enough; like the majority of us here, John has an obvious passion for music/getting the absolute best out of equipment and even if you are understandably hesitant (as was I), do not be! – once you have your equipment back, run it in ‘well’, I will be truly amazed if you are not as happy as I am with the results!
Thank you once again John for your knowledge, workmanship and ultimately… results!

Simon Reynolds