I received an upgrade and repair to my Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated Amplifier in November 2014. As my husband accidentally broke the speaker terminal, I searched online for a repair specialist, and that’s when I came across this site. When reading the testimonials I decided that an upgrade would also be the way to go. Since buying the A3 Integrated Amp & A3 CD player with Monitor Audio G20 Speakers I felt the sound just wasn’t as good as I had expected. I contacted John who advised on the cost of repairs and an upgrade. When I received it back I couldn’t wait to listen to it and boy was I impressed. I noticed a difference straight away which was a pleasant surprise. The sound was much richer and deeper and with a very punchy base and it has improved greatly since then. I’m a very happy lady and revel in the delight of listening to my cd collection each and every time I play it. My husband is so jealous that he is going to get his hi fi upgraded also. Thank you John for your expertise and for enhancing my music life.

Emma Duff