After 16 years of trouble-free, sonic satisfaction, during which time it was mostly left switched ‘on’, I decided that I ought to consider replacing my MF A1001, Super Integrated Amplifier. It didn’t take long for me to realise that obtaining a suitable replacement would require a substantial, four-figure outlay. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and before parting with my wife’s hard-earned cash decided to seek John’s advice.
That which I received was refreshingly direct, untainted by snake-oil and/or hyperbole and based on sound engineering principles. The fact that John had been with MF at the time the A1001 was conceived, designed and produced was an added bonus and source of confidence. Any lingering reservations I may have had regarding the wisdom of my decision to rejuvenate, rather than replace, disappeared into oblivion when I delivered the amplifier, met John and saw the interior of his workshop.
Rather than going directly for the more expensive option, John recommended the refurbishment and upgrade be completed in two stages, thereby allowing me the opportunity to listen and become familiar with the improvements made at the end of stage one before committing to any extra, and possibly, to my ears and in the context of my other equipment and home listening environment, unnecessary additional expense.
At the end of the first stage the audible improvements were dramatic and not in the least difficult to discern, irrespective of the source (LP, CD or FM) or musical genre. The more I listened the more I began to wonder if there were any further worthwhile gains to be had. Eventually, however, I decided to place my trust in John’s knowledge and expertise and the A1001 was duly returned for further ‘ministrations’.
Once restored to pride of place in my audio system, and my back had recovered from the effort (the A1001 was referred to as ‘The Beast’ by reviewers at the time of its release and if you’ve ever had to move one you’ll understand why) my decision to ‘go for gold’ was demonstrably and unequivocally vindicated. With well recorded source material the timing, dynamics and sheer scale of the music was, at times, breathtaking, as were the dimensions of the sound stage and the reproduction of the ambient acoustic on live recordings.
Several months on the performance of my rejuvenated A1001 continues to surprise and delight and I am happily resigned to the thought that we shall almost certainly live out the rest of my days together!
John you are ‘diamond geezer’ deserving of the support and custom of all discerning ‘audiophiles’: long may you prosper.
P. S. Thanks for introducing me to the music of the wonderfully talented Patricia Barber.

Jon Beresford