As audiophiles we are always striving for “the ultimate” in sound quality from our systems (must be that bit of OCD in us). I was more than happy with my JS Audio upgraded A308 int, A308 CD and X10v3 tube buffer and the bespoke power supply you made for it all of which totally outperformed my friends standard Nu-Vista CD and Tri-Vista amp cofiguration in all aspects (needless to say his has now all been upgraded by John). It was always my aim to acquire a KW550/500 int and having spoken to John discussing the sound I was looking for, he suggested the KW550 would most suit my requirements. 12 months of saving and convincing the boss I managed to find one that had had apparently a substantial upgrade by another company, so I took the plunge and bought it.
Once up and running the only words that came to mind were of total disappointment, yes it had power but compared to my JS upgraded A308 int that I had sold for nearly a third of the KW550’s price it just didn’t have the same imaging, dynamics, separtion and focus of the A308. John told me what had probably been done to it and that in reality it would only have had minor changes made and explained that for the same amount of money the last owner had paid for his upgrade he for a similar figure could upgrade it to a truly high end level.
Another 12 months of saving and convincing the wife and here we are with in my eyes a truly world class piece of audiophile equipment. John has upgraded my KW550 amp, power cable and umbilical cables to similar specification to that of his own KW750 which as he explained had taken him a few years of research, trial and error into different high end components until he got it delivering the ultimate in sound quality and performance.
My already “high end” upgraded A308 CD was always going to be for keeps the now fully upgraded KW550 and cable combination will also be there by it’s side.

I now have an amplifier that the upgrade alone cost no more than a modest weeks holiday abroad and if I were to replace it and buy new I think I would be looking at probably having to spend over £15000 to maybe better it slightly.

John not only are you honest, trustworthy and totally non biassed but you are a true genius and a real credit to the HiFi industry in my eyes the service and advice you provide is nowhere near reflected in what you charge .

Thank you for everything you promised and delivered.

Kindest Regards


Roy Chadfield