Having decided to give myself a birthday treat, I set about auditioning CD players loaned by a local hi-fi shop, only to find that three highly regarded £2k models failed to significantly improve the sound of my system.
My M3 had a niggle- one channel would cut out, remedied by a sharp rap on the top.I contacted John who rang me to discuss repairs.We talked about upgrades ,which he said would address the cut-out issue as well as significantly improve the sound.I went for broke and ordered the full upgrade.
I was staggered by the result which, after 200 hours of powering up, is worth every penny and leaves me ditching the cd upgrade path.
The soundstage is bigger, lead singers are better projected and best of all the bass has gained tightness and phenomenal welly. Music has gained greater clarity and presence. My speakers (PMC Twenty23s) shine as never before, producing prodigious bass. A musician friend was bowled over immediately he heard a favourite track- this is no psychological trick but a real and massive improvement. I am playing music I haven’t touched for years just to hear the difference and revelling in the extra detail.
The upgrade is an unqualified success and cost effective to boot.
I am a very happy man!

Ian Henderson