I now know what those guys were going on about in HiFi+ so many years ago.

Following a bit of to and fro I installed the upgraded kit and was reasonably impressed. But it didn’t blow me away. However, some months later now that it seems run in, yes I’m blown away.

I could go on about the stereo image, the tuneful bass the intelligibility but all that fades into insignificance when the music communicates with you. And this does. It’s almost a religious experience. What more can I say. Simply go for it.

In fact, I was so impressed I have asked John to upgrade my son’s Arcam Alpha 8, MVT and P170. The upgrades cost more than the kit is worth but if it comes anywhere near what he did to my 3D and kW550, it will be money well spent.

Recommended wholeheartedly.

Andy Trimble